How to Drive Without Distractions

In world full of technology it is easy to spot the obvious distractions, but it takes more than putting your phone down to drive safely. In this post, Lifetimeoil has some further tips to help you drive without distractions.

Start With the Obvious

Your driving instructor meant it when they told you to check your mirrors and seats before each drive. Before you drive, take the time to set up your car so that no further changes need to be made whilst you are driving. If you are using a GPS unit, plan and start this prior to driving, allowing you to drive without the need to interact with it.

Traveling With Children

Are we there yet? Hearing this constantly as you drive not only distracts you, but raises your temper level. If you are traveling with children, arrange sufficient entertainment for them prior to leaving. Additionally, pack a small lunch or some snacks to keep in the back seat with them so they don’t need to bother you whilst you drive.

What’s That Noise? What Are You Doing?

Sometimes thing are just going to happen while you’re driving, whether your child is screaming or there is a strange noise inside your engine. When these problem arise, pull over. Don’t look and reach back to assist your child, instead, pull your car over and rectify the issue calmly and safely. If you are inspecting your engine whilst pulled over, be sure to utilize all safety equipment provided with your car and be sure to park off the road to avoid danger.

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