ATV Accidents: Prevent ATV Rollovers

Rollovers are the leading cause of injury and death in ATV accidents according to the ATV Safety Institute.


Because ATVs have a high center of gravity, they are especially prone to rolling over when you are riding on hills or over uneven terrain.

Caution on Hills to prevent ATV Accidents

Due to the ATV’s high center of gravity, going uphill too quickly may cause your ATV to roll over backward. When going downhill, your ATV may roll forward if you shift too much weight forward, apply your front brakes too quickly, or try to back up the hill.

Avoiding ATV Accidents due to Terrain

Riding on uneven terrain can shift the machine’s weight to one side, causing your ATV to tip and roll over. ATVs were not designed for paved roads. The traction and maneuverability are simply not there.

ATV Accidents caused by Acceleration

ATVs are more likely to roll over if you accelerate too quickly. If you accelerate rapidly from a stopped position, your ATV’s front wheel may lift off the ground. This could cause the ATV to roll over backward. If you accelerate rapidly while turning a corner, your ATV may slide sideways or fishtail. This could cause the ATV to roll over to the side.

Safety First

Speed and dangerous maneuvers are major factors in most ATV accidents. To reduce the risk of rolling over, always operate at a safe speed, use care on hills and varying gradients or terrains.

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