Gift Ideas for your ATV Rider

No matter what you call it, the season of gift-giving is upon us. This means time spent shopping- be it in person or online- trying to find the perfect gift(s) for the special people in our lives. And while clothing and gift cards are always nice, getting a gift that makes their eyes light up and puts a smile on their face because you got them something special is a great feeling. Of course, if you are shopping for someone with a particular hobby, then knowing what to get for them is half the process. For instance, knowing what to get for the ATV rider in your life.

People who ride ATVs are often folk who love adventure. Sure, there are practical reasons for having an ATV, but for many ATV enthusiasts, the vehicle is meant to have fun. If you have an ATV rider on your Christmas shopping list, then deciding on what to get them, has just gotten easier. No more meandering the store trying to figure out that perfect blend of cool, special, and practical.

Great Holiday Gifts for Your ATV Rider

New boots –

Sure, tennis shoes are fine for riding an AYV but if you want to protect their feet a bit more, then a good pair of boots is the way to go.

Cold-weather gloves –


Live in an area where temps often drop below 40*? Consider a warm, insulated pair of gloves. Whether you opt for gloves that are just extra thick and hand warmers or choose a pair of heated gloves, these will be a much-used and appreciated gift. Want to take having warm hands a step further? Then consider a set of heated ATV grips. These clamp onto existing handles and fit with nearly any model of ATV.

Tire Plug Kit –

ATVs are used on all types of terrain and as such, their tires take quite a beating. Sure, the tires are made to withstand many elements but they still get punctured. A tire plug kit can make it quick and easy to repair a tire should something happen when out adventuring. Along with a plug kit, consider including a pressure gauge, so they can easily check the tires and know when maintenance may be needed.

Tow Strap –

Does your ATV rider do a lot of hauling? If so, then a solid and reliable tow strap will make these tasks easier.

Gas Can –

A practical gift, but one that makes a big difference. Special ATV -designed gas cans make it safe to carry and mean your ATV rider doesn’t get stranded.

Extra Maintenance Fluids and Filters –

Like any vehicle, an ATV requires an assortment of oils, fluids and filters. Get your ATV rider some basic supplies by contacting Life Time Oil. As an AMSOIL dealer, they can be sure you get everything your ATV enthusiast needs to keep them on the go.

Phone Mount –

Make riding hands-free easy with a phone mount designed especially for an ATV (or UTV). This makes a great stocking stuffer, meaning they can steer the ATV more easily and safely.

Tool Rack –

Not every ATV rider uses it for fun only. If the ATV is a work vehicle, then a tool rack can make getting things done more effective and efficient.

Audio system –

Make the ride more fun with a sound system design specifically for the ATV. These are simple to install, lightweight, weather-resistant and can be used on most ATVs.

Want to surprise your ATV rider this year? Then, include an item (or more) from this list. Then watch them get excited and ready to ride.