Setting Up Your Own Formula 1 Garage

If you love Formula 1 racing and are handy with a tool kit and all the F1 mechanics, you might find yourself thinking about setting up a garage.  Many enthusiasts set up a side hustle specializing in Formula 1 design and repair.  The amazing cars that comprise the F1 racing industry are high-powered, turbo-charged vehicles.  They’re not something typically taken to one’s “everyday mechanic”.  As such, they require someone who understands their many moving parts and has the tools needed to keep them racing around the track.

Your Formula 1 Tool Kit

Formula 1 RacingIt takes about 20 people working together to build an F1 vehicle. They must have knowledge of not just basic vehicle engines, but what it takes to take an engine to the next level. And, while many of the tools used by F1 mechanics are no different from those found in your average garage, it should be noted that F1 teams are in a different garage at each race, and they have to be able to do any upgrades, rebuilds, etc. in a new space, meaning their tools must always be ready to travel-and those tools must be in prime condition. After all, you never know what tool(s) might be needed!

Side Cutters –

Perfect for removing pins when working on the front end of the car.

Pry bar –

a must-have for safely moving parts and pieces.

Four-way wrench –

When it comes to F1 racing, the name of the game is speed. If you need to remove the tires it must be done quickly. A 4-way wrench makes this possible.

An air compressor –

Yes, they are loud, but they also make getting jobs done quicker and easier.

Vise grips –

No sense in fighting to hold on to one part, while trying to remove another. There are vise grips for a reason!

Socket wrenches –

Be sure to have all the standard sizes, and perhaps any specialty ones for those unique tasks.

Of course, no garage of any kind is fully stocked if they don’t have a supply of oil, filters, transmission fluid, high octane boost, and other performance enhancers. Be sure you have all these items on hand by contacting AMSOIL dealer, Life Time Oil. This way your F1 car(s)can be ready to go again without a long wait. Also, in choosing AMSOIL synthetic products you are improving the way the engine runs and providing a smoother ride.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Formula 1 tools, is not the tools themselves. Rather, it is that they are typically smaller and lighter. This is because in F1 racing it is all about how fast the car can go. Consequently, the pieces used on the car are smaller than a standard engine, so the tools used are designed specifically for F1 cars.

If you are considering setting up a Formula 1 garage, then these tools and components are just some of the items that need to be on your business shopping list. But once you have the tools, the needed oil, fluids, and filters, and a space to do the work you will be set.