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How an AMSOIL® COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT will Benefit your Farm & Ag Business

A farmer’s work is never done.  Nobody knows that better than you!  Whether you’re planting or harvesting, spraying or fertilizing, there’s always something going on in your farm’s operational cycle.  And, as you’re all-to-familiar with, your farm vehicles and equipment need as much tender loving care as your crops.

Whether your combine is valued at a few hundred-thousand dollars or closer to a million, you need to protect your investment.  The old expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies, here.  Tractor, truck, combine or other vehicle repairs are much more costly than preventing problems before they happen.  So your farm’s preventive maintenance schedule is very important.  In addition to saving money with a sound preventive maintenance program, you’ll save even more money with the benefits of an AMSOIL Commercial Account.

You can’t control the weather, the cost of seed, or the price of fuel.  But you CAN control your maintenance costs to a large extent.  For the maintenance you already do anyway, such as oil changes, you can use products that protect your equipment better (making them last longer), help them run more efficiently (burning less fuel), and spend less time being serviced (costing less money).  How?  Switch to AMSOIL full synthetics for your oils, greases, transmission fluid, and other lubricants.  It’s that simple.

Your AMSOIL Commercial Account will save you 25% off of retail pricing.  You’ll benefit from longer times between oil changes, as well as free delivery on qualified orders.  Using less oil, less frequently, and at lower prices can help you manage your farm’s operating budget better.  It’s money you’re already spending on maintenance.  We just want to help you spend less of it.


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AMSOIL Farm Commercial Account

Your farm depends on them.  Many days they’re running before dawn until after dusk.  On some farms, they’re running 24/7 during the busy seasons.  There’s no time for a breakdown.  So, preventive maintenance is a necessary inconvenience.  AMSOIL has special formulations of oil to extend the time between oil changes, so your farm can keep working without worrying about oil.

AMSOIL Farm Commercial Account

Whether it’s your dump truck, grain hauler, or trusty old pickup truck, your truck’s engine needs to be dependable.  It’s no good to have a perfectly good combine unless you have a reliable truck to haul the harvest.  AMSOIL protection takes care of your trucks’ engines, keeping them running smoothly.  AMSOIL has products for both gasoline and diesel engines, improving efficiency while saving you money.

AMSOIL Farm Commercial Account

Sprayers, air compressors, generators, and every other piece of machinery on your farm use oil, greases, and other lubricants.  For your farm operations to work like a well-oiled machine, you need to use the oil best-suited to each piece of gear you operate.  AMSOIL has the solution.  Your AMSOIL Commercial Account saves you money with the convenience of free delivery to your farm on qualified orders.



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