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How an AMSOIL® COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT will Benefit your Transportation Fleet

Your transportation vehicle fleet is the backbone of your business.  Without vehicles on-the-go, you have no service to offer.  So, it goes without saying that you need to take the utmost care of your vehicles, whether they’re vans, shuttles, cabs, busses or other.  

A large part of your business involves the ongoing preventive maintenance of your fleet.  Your maintenance budget must account for both routine preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance required by regulations.  And because you’re in the people-moving business, the tolerances for maintenance problems are pretty strict.  To minimize and avoid vehicle engine maintenance problems that interrupt your operations, rely on AMSOIL synthetics.  AMSOIL has a proven track record of protecting engines from undue wear and tear in the harshest conditions.  And as you know, your vehicle fleet is on the street, non-stop, day and night.  It needs AMSOIL protection!

There’s GOOD NEWS for your transportation business!  Not only will AMSOIL help keep your fleet on the road and in good shape; an AMSOIL Commercial Account will save your company money… A LOT of it!  Set up your AMSOIL Commercial Account today and get wholesale pricing for all of your oil and lubricant needs.  At 25% off of retail pricing, your company will save a bundle.  And with extended intervals between oil changes, you’ll save on routine preventive maintenance expenses, boosting your profitability.

With today’s gas prices, every dollar of savings matters!  In addition to saving you money with wholesale pricing and free delivery on qualified orders, AMSOIL helps squeeze every mile-per-gallon out of your gas tank by improving your fuel economy.  All you have to do to save money and better protect your business assets is switch to AMSOIL and purchase through your AMSOIL Commercial Account!  It’s that simple.


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AMSOIL School Bus Commercial Account

The busses need to run, and they need to run safely and reliably throughout the seasons.  AMSOIL has oil formulations for diesel and gasoline engines to preserve and protect your school bus fleet.  And buying AMSOIL through your Commercial Account saves  money.  In today’s world of financial scrutiny, saving 25% on oil, grease, transmission fluid, filters and more is a prudent fiscal decision.

AMSOIL Transportation Fleet Commercial Account

Whether you’re operating a bus service for excursions or a city bus line, your bus fleet needs to keep up with passenger demand.  If a bus is out of service due to engine repairs or preventive maintenance, it costs money in both expenses and lost revenues.  Your AMSOIL Commercial Account saves you money on preventive maintenance expenses.  Extended intervals between oil changes save you revenue money.

AMSOIL Transit Fleet Commercial Account

Taxi cabs are driven hard as drivers try to maximize the number of fares each day.  Likewise, convenience shuttles take a beating in constant stop-and-go traffic within heavily-traveled metro areas.  In either case, the vehicles are operated for hours each day, often idling and running hot.  AMSOIL offers proven protection in extreme conditions, keeping them cooler while saving your business money.



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