Reasons European Cars Need Special Oil Formulations

If you drive a European vehicle, then keeping it in top running condition is a must. After all, you don’t just want it to look good, its performance needs to live up to European standards. To ensure this, the engine needs some intentional TLC and this starts with the type of oil used in it.


European CarsA key reason a European vehicle needs special oil is performance. These vehicles are typically turbocharged, so they need an oil designed to not just lubricate the engine and its moving parts but one that will keep the turbo free of oil deposits. This blend of oil also means better protection against grinding and wear, has less sludge, and lends itself to more power. Also, a European vehicle can go 10,000 miles, and some European cars can go as many as 15,000 miles! However, this longer time between oil changes, means a special blend of oil that won’t break down as quickly as those used for non-European vehicles.


Another reason for your European vehicle to use a special oil formulation is the oil’s viscosity. How much viscosity is needed will depend on factors such as the car, where you live and type of weather you will be driving in. Most owners of European vehicles opt for an 0W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil or 5W-40 Classic ESP Synthetic Oil so their vehicle will operate smoothly no matter what the conditions.


When creating a synthetic oil, there are several additives used to help protect a European car engine. Because European cars are designed to go longer periods between oil changes, it is important that specific additives are used in their oil.


Lastly, European cars meet higher emissions standards- these standards are set by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association. The group comprises well-known European vehicles such as Porsche, FIAT, BMW, Saab-Scania, VW, Volvo, and others. The vehicles are designed, engineered, and manufactured with more stringent carbon emission standards than the U.S. currently has. As such, they build vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. The oil used for these vehicles is crafted to maintain that eco-friendly design.

Wrapping it Up

Owning a European vehicle means taking care of it like the magnificent machine it is. One way to do this is by contacting your local AMSOIL dealer, Lifetime Oil, via their website. You will find the European motor oil and products you need and can have them shipped directly to your door. From performance boosters to quality oil, AMSOIL is your one-stop place for all the fluids your vehicle needs to keep it working and looking great.