Car Owners: Create Your New Year’s Resolutions!

We are all familiar with the traditional approaches to New Year’s resolutions- most of which revolve around health and family/friends. But, as you start thinking about next year’s resolutions, why not include your car? Yes, you read that right, your car.

Every year, Americans put thousands of miles on and spend hundreds of hours in their vehicles. From driving to work to taking a road trip, our cars are a common part of life. So, to make that time the best it can be, why not do your part of taking care of it?

Resolutions for Car Maintenance

  • OilKeep a log book – If you don’t already write down any maintenance tasks you do on your vehicle(s), now is a good time to do so. This can help you stay on track for a variety of maintenance tasks, and ensure your car is in good shape. It can also help when selling your vehicle as you can show prospective buyers your vehicle’s “health log.”
  • Rotate the tires – Tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles as this helps them last longer, keeps them from becoming worn in a particular spot, prevents deflating, and even reduces road noise.
  • Learn about it – This is especially important if you have a new vehicle. Take time to learn how to use all its features so you can get the most from your car.
  • Learn to do some of the maintenance tasks yourself – Knowing how to check the tire pressure, replace windshield wipers, change the air filter or replace the oil can save you time and money. You can easily do both when you contact AMSOIL dealer, Life Time Oil, and purchase oil, transmission fluid, engine boost, and other products so you can have them ready when you need them.
  • Stop distracted driving – This is not just a problem for the younger generation. Everyone uses mobile devices now. Make a New Year’s resolution not to answer text, check social media, take a selfie, etc. when driving. Of course, other distractions can affect driving. Eating/drinking, grooming, adjusting the radio, and reaching for something are just a few.
  • Keep your car clean – Clear out your car of all unnecessary items- food bags, boxes, toys, clothing, etc. then vacuum it and wipe down all surfaces. Once it’s clean, resolve to keep it that way.
  • Stop putting off repairs – That minor inconvenience can quickly and easily turn into a major repair. Don’t ignore the “check engine” light. Take your car to the shop and have it checked out.
  • Create a routine and stick to it – Topping off fluids, checking the tires, replacing filters, vacuuming out the car, etc. all of these are important jobs. Consider crafting a schedule to make car care a routine rather than happenstance.

Not every New Year’s resolution has to be about health, friends, or family- not that there is anything wrong with that approach. A New year’s resolution can be about anything that you want to improve. As such, why not resolve to take better care of your vehicle? After all, you depend on it to get you to and from hundreds of places each year. Decide to do something that benefits you and those around you. Take care of your car through basic maintenance tasks so it is ready to go when you are.