No matter what state you live in or travel to, you will find that most of the driving laws are the same, or at least similar. However, talk to any driver who has traveled beyond their home state, and you are sure to hear about how other in (insert state here) drive. So, with that in mind, one must wonder what state has the craziest driving rules or requirements?!

Driving Rules from State to State


No driving blindfolded. This shouldn’t need an explanation, but apparently someone tried and now it’s on the books.


Do you love Dunkin’ Donuts? Then plan on using the drive thru or eating inside when in South Berwick, Maine. Here it is against the law to park in front of the shops on Main Street. For the record, these makes sense as parking on the road will block traffic.

Traffic LawsMaryland

If you are heading to Rockville, MD be sure to keep your temper because swearing from a vehicle within earshot of others is a misdemeanor. The offense can cost you up to $100 and 90 days in jail.


Having a well-maintained vehicle is necessary for optimum performance. But here, failing to keep it clean can cost you. In Minnetonka driving with dirt-clogged tires, or dirty wheel wells is considered a public nuisance. Also, in Minnesota- red cars are banned from driving on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

North Carolina

Some things should need to be said, but apparently in NC that’s not the case!  So, in North Carolina it is illegal to play in traffic.


Just close the door, already! When loading or unloading people from your vehicle, be quick. You can be fined for having the door open too long. Of course, how long is too long is up to the discretion of the officer.  Also of interest, when driving on the sidewalk in Oregon, you must yield to pedestrians.

Rhode Island

Many of us have passed someone and given a dirty look or perhaps laid on the horn a bit. But in Rhode Island you can be ticketed for passing another driver and failing to honk the horn.


Women are not allowed to drive a car on Main Street unless their husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag.  Enough said- we didn’t make the rule, just telling you about it!


While Rhode Island may encourage honking your horn, Arkansas does not. If it is after 9 p.m. and you are at a sandwich or cold beverage shop horns are not to be used!


It is illegal to drive without a steering wheel. Most of us didn’t know driving could be accomplished without this part of the car, but just in case someone has figured out how, it’s already been addressed.


By law, you must feed the parking meter if you tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to it. We will assume this law refers to feeding the parking meter…but just in case, be sure to feed your pet, too!

Wherever you will be driving, be sure your vehicle is ready to roll. Do this by keeping all its moving parts, moving! At LifeTime Oil, we have the AMSOIL products you need to keep your vehicle ready for all those road trips.

The thing about rules like these is that you have to wondered what happened to prompt a such a law being written.