The Limitations of Using Conventional Oil in Your Motorbike

Motorcycles are no exception when it comes to the effects cold weather has on your engine.  In cold weather, every engine needs to be able to start effectively. In this post, Lifetimeoil has some important information to share about using the right oil for your motorbike.

Using Conventional Oil in Your Motorbike

Conventional motor oils and lubricants contain paraffins which can thicken under extreme cold conditions which prevent it from being able to provide a comprehensive coating throughout your engine as it starts. As this coating is not fully present, excessive wear can occur as engine parts interact without adequate lubrication. In addition to this, as your gear lube start to thicken it requires more energy to move it through your engine. This additional energy translates to a drop in your fuel economy and a spike in your expenses.

Increase Fuel Economy With Synthetic Oil

With modern refining techniques, the majority of paraffins and other contaminants are removed during the creation of synthetic oil and lubricants. The heavy reduction in contaminants in synthetic oils allow it to maintain its designed consistency during extreme cold weather conditions. While conventional oil can fail to adequately protect your engine during cold temperatures, AMSOIL Signature Series maintains its fluidity and delivers cold starts 36% faster. This immediate protection allows your engine to run smoothly, quicker, reducing engine wear and promotes fuel economic operation.

Synthetic Oil in Dallas

With the benefits of synthetic oil it’s hard to justify putting off that conventional oil change. If you have questions about AMSOIL in Dallas the right oil for your engine needs, speak with Lifetimeoil on (612) 819-8835 and speak with us about the benefits of switching your motorcycle engine to an Amsoil Oil in Dallas can bring.

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