We’re leaving the cold weather behind, and moving towards hotter days. While this may be a nice change of pace, it is not without its consequences. For instance, your engine is more prone to overheating during the summer. If you want to prevent that frustrating experience from occurring to you, follow the tips below.

How to Keep Your Vehicle from Overheating this Summer with Synthetic Oil in Cambridge

Don’t Forget About Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

First things first, you should realize that a vehicle that’s in perfect working condition is much less likely to overheat. To that end, it is very important that you keep your vehicle’s maintenance as a priority. This means that you should look out for any signs of issues (such as an unusual noise), as well as take it to a reliable mechanic on a regular basis for routine maintenance. Furthermore, we recommend that you read your owner’s manual from start to finish, so you learn more about your vehicle, and have a better understanding on how you can maintain it in top shape and prevent overheating.

Keep an Eye Out for the Cooling System

Luckily, your vehicle has a cooling system that allows it to control its temperature so that it doesn’t overheat. However, as you may imagine, this system (much like the rest of the vehicle), requires regular inspections and care. Now that we’re heading into hotter days, it’s a good idea to check it so that it’s ready to go and keep your engine cool. Part of this includes taking a look at the coolant, making sure that it’s at the proper levels, and replacing it if necessary. Remember this step as it is the most effective way to prevent overheating the vehicle.

Watch Out for the Temperature Gauge

An easy way to be aware of your vehicle’s temperature as you go, is to simply take a look at the temperature gauge once in awhile. Especially if your vehicle has overheated in the past, it will give you a good idea of when you should take measures to help it cool down a bit. For example, if you notice that the temperature is rising, turn off the air conditioning system, and roll the windows down to give the engine a chance to relax. If this isn’t helping, you can turn the heater on to allow some of that hot air to be released.

Treat Your Engine the Right Way

A few different factors can contribute to an overheated vehicle. One of the most significant is a stressed out engine. This happens when the engine has to work extra just to get you going. If you want to prevent an overheated engine, be gentle to it. For instance, don’t fill your vehicle with things, since this will make it heavier and harder to move. Likewise, try not to be a madman behind the wheel. Another important thing to note is that your engine requires maintenance to run smoothly. Providing it with regular oil replacements, can make a huge difference on how it performs. Call Lifetimeoil in Cambridge at (612) 819-8835 to acquire the best synthetic oil in Cambridge.

Protect Your Vehicle from the Sun

While the sun is a celestial body that allows life on earth to exist, it can also be very damaging if you’re not careful with it. For example, it can do terrible things to your vehicle’s appearance and its performance. For that reason, you should protect your vehicle from the sun. Simply using sun shades or parking under a shade when you’ll be leaving it out for a long time, can help it withstand the heat.

Always Have a Bottle of Coolant Near

As mentioned in one of the points above, coolant is key in keeping your vehicle cool and avoid overheating the engine. That’s why, if your vehicle has shut down from exhaustion in the past, you should keep a bottle of coolant in your vehicle. This way, whenever you see that the temperature is beginning to rise, you can pull over, take out the bottle of coolant, and top off the reservoir with it so that your engine can run cool again.

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