Summer is a moment that you have been eagerly waiting for, as you can finally go on vacation to relax and spend quality time along with your family. However, it’s important to check the condition of your vehicle to avoid any potential problems on the road. For this reason at Lifetimeoil in Dallas, we would like to share useful advice on this topic.

Check the Oil

The heat will also affect your vehicle and you have to make sure your oil can maintain its viscosity to protect your engine, even during the most extreme temperatures. Check the oil level and  change the oil if needed. Remember to perform this maintenance according to your owner’s manual.

Inspect the Tires

Take a quick visual inspection of your tires and look for any uneven wear; remember that you should replace your tires after 10 years to ensure your safety and also check the spare tire.

Don’t forget about the Wipers

Although this detail is somehow neglected, road grime on your windshield can become a problem that can reduce your visibility. Check the condition of your wipers and replace the blades if needed.  And don’t forget to inspect the windshield washer fluid level.

Visit Your Mechanic

It’s important that you follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and having your car inspected by a mechanic is a great idea. A basic tuneup will make sure the cooling system, belts and hoses, battery, brakes and other parts that require special attention are in good condition. . Also, be sure to bring an emergency kit and tools. These are just some ideas that will make your trip more pleasant and prevent any setbacks. Remember that you should also be well-rested before driving on the road, as this activity requires that you stay fully focused to prevent accidents.

Synthetic Oil in Dallas

Keep in mind that your car will need high performance products to protect the engine. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Dallas, think about Lifetimeoil, where we will help you find the right AMSOIL product that your vehicle needs. Call (612) 819-8835 or visit our website to place an order.

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