Summer School Bus Maintenance Tasks

The school year is soon going to end. No more daily bus routes, no more early mornings. This might be the case for students and teachers, but there are other jobs that keep on going. For instance, summer break bus maintenance. Just because the buses will not be used daily, there is still plenty of work to do.

School Bus FleetInspect the Tires –

Summer break is a great time to upgrade tires that are showing signs of age. Take time to drive each bus and see how smoothly it rides. Note any wear or damage to the treads. Listen for any odd sounds or vibrations. These can cause big problems. Correcting them during summer break will save time during the school year.

Test the Brakes –

Strange noises, squealing, etc. are indicators of bad brakes and their various components. Be intentional in checking and replacing gears, pedals, the clutch, and other parts. You don’t want a bus to keep moving at the wrong time!

Honk the Horn –

Be sure this is working and loud enough. After all, it’s part of keeping everyone safe.

Safety Kit –

No one wants to think about an accident. But failing to be prepared is unacceptable. Check the safety kits in each bus. Make sure they contain all the necessary products; throw out all expired items.

Replace and Top of Fluids –

Many miles are put on school buses. Summer break is a great time to replace oil, change the assorted filters, and lubricate moving parts. Make this job a bit faster by having AMSOIL products stored in the garage. Contact Lifetime Oil and buy in bulk to save time and money.

Hit the Lights –

Test interior and exterior lights to ensure proper visibility. Those early morning bus routes are par for the course, and you need to see and be seen.

Check the Body –

Go over the buses’ exterior and note any damage. Common concerns include mirrors, grills, windows, and paint. (Paint might seem minor, but a fresh paint job helps protect the metal from the elements.) While you are at it, a good wash is always a great summertime job.

Look at the Seats –

Walk down the aisle. Note any seat covers to replaced or repaired, be sure seats are firmly bolted in place, and wipe down the surfaces. Now is the time for a deep cleaning, and not just the daily wipe-down done during the school year.

Do some Preventative Maintenance –

A complete inspection is certain to reveal jobs that may be looming. Take time now to get these tasks done.

Be sure your school’s bus fleet is ready to go next school year. Do thorough inspections, top off fluids, touch up paint, and update the safety kit. There’s a lot more than mechanical elements riding on your buses. Be sure that everything is ready to roll when the first bell of the new school year rings!