When it comes to our vehicles, there will always be at least two camps. Those who prefer the classics and the ones always looking for the next advancement. Each vehicle has its perks. For example, the modern design with all the advancements technology has to offer. Or the satisfaction of driving a car uncomplicated by sensors and computer parts.

Classics Vs. Modern Cars


A well-maintained classic car appreciates in value due to supply and demand. A modern car depreciates with age.  While a classic is an investment, a modern car will be worth only half its original cost after just a few years. Also adding to the value is that insurance on a classic is typically less than that fir a modern vehicle.


Because the parts are less complicated, maintaining a classic is easier. As such, most owners can do their own repair work. Of course, it can also be more difficult to get some of the parts! Maintenance in a classic is important as their engines are often not as reliable as those used in today’s cars.


The modern vehicle has a smaller engine but more power. Modern engines are designed to be smarter, thus resulting in smaller engines. These engines have been tweaked and adjusted to offer fuel efficiency and speed.


ClassicsTo most, all modern vehicles look the same. Sure, there are some differences, but when you look at classic designs you will see every car had its own style. Just a glance and you can tell the difference between a Hudson, a Studebaker and Corvette.  It is these lines and style that make classics standout from other cars on the roads, and at car shows.

Safety and Comfort

Without a doubt, today’s vehicles have far more safety features than the classics! And when it comes to comforts today’s vehicles top the chart. While the classic car offers a wide single seat- often in both the front and back- but lacks seat belts and airbags. The classic car was designed to get you from place to place. Modern cars provide transportation as well as features like massage or heated seats, power windows, GPS and much more.

Whether you prefer to drive a classic or the lates model, one thing is for sure. You must do your part to maintain them for the next driver! Do this by investing in the best products available. A great place to start is by contacting your local AMSOIL dealer, LifeTime Oil. As a provider of AMSOIL, LifeTime Oil has quality synthetic oil from AMSOIL, a wide selection of filters, performance products, boosters and more. These products are formulated with one goal- to keep any vehicle in top running condition.

For the record

A vehicle must be at least 20 years old, but not more than 40 years old to be considered a classic. It needs to be properly maintained and stay true to the original manufacturer’s specifications and designs. Typically, cars over 45 years old are considered antiques.  Keep in mind that the exact age for a vehicle to be a classic varies by state, so do your homework.

Be it a Mustang from last century or the latest model, maintaining your car’s engine and moving parts is a must. Don’t ignore the small tasks, so your ride is always ready to go when you are!