Feel Free to Distract Yourself

First, let’s talk about the pros of driverless vehicles. The first advantage is that many people out there relish the idea of being able to read a newspaper, do work, or play video games on their smart phones while being taken from point A to point B. Just imagine your increased productivity as you no longer have to worry about getting in an accident, that person that just cut you off or the student driver going 30 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone. The potential to not have to worry about those things is wonderful and the stress that you won’t have to endure because computer software is handling all of the driving decisions for you is one major benefit that can potentially improve the quality of your life.

Safety First in Self-Driving Cars

Another clear advantage is that driverless vehicles are good at what they do because they are designed for a single purpose, to get you where you need to go safely and in one piece. Perhaps autonomous vehicles are not as safe as having Mario Andretti for your driver but they are definitely safer than your average driver. In fact, if only 10% of vehicles in the United States were self-driving, the number of accidents would be cut by 211,000 annually. This equates to 1,100 lives being saved and an economic cost reduction of $22.7 billion per year.

Traffic! Not Anymore

One unintended positive result of switching to autonomous vehicles is the overall reduction of traffic congestion by more than 75%. One reason for the reduction of traffic is that there will be fewer accidents on the roads and thus less traffic to worry about. According to estimates by The Federal Highway Administration, traffic accidents are the cause of up to 25% of traffic jams. Reduction in traffic jams is just one more benefit of driverless cars.

Maintaining Your Driverless Car

Routine vehicle maintenance and checkups will dramatically change in that they can no longer be put off. If a driverless vehicle is not properly maintained, accidents are more likely to occur. In other words, auto makers will place more strict requirements on maintenance, shorten maintenance intervals and ensure that cars be maintained only in certified repair shops. This will dramatically increase the level of quality vehicles that are on the roads. However, it will also incur additional costs for vehicle owners. On the topic of vehicle maintenance, one way you can maintain your car for longer is to switch to AMSOIL synthetic oil. Lifetimeoil deals synthetic oil in Isanti and we’re here to help you with your lubrication needs. There are many benefits to getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. One main benefit of using AMSOIL synthetic oil is a longer life for your vehicle. Get your AMSOIL synthetic oil today from Lifetimeoil at Isanti. Call (612) 819-8835 for more information, or browse our online store for the best synthetic oil in Isanti.

The Disadvantages of Driverless Vehicles

Despite the advantages of autonomous vehicles, there are some clear and present challenges that need to be considered. One of the more obvious disadvantages to having a world filled with driverless cars is the loss of jobs. This, unfortunately, is a scenario that cannot be avoided. As autonomous vehicles come to replace traditional taxis and trucks, many people will be out of work. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were millions of professional drivers employed in the transport industry in the United States in 2014. As driverless vehicles gain in popularity, potential job cuts could devastate the transport industry in a way never seen before.

I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

A computer malfunction, even a small glitch, could potentially cause crashes far greater than any due to human error. You don’t even have to imagine this because it has already happened with Google’s driverless cars. Due to engineering faults, there have been reports of Google’s driverless cars crashing into people. While being potentially fatal, these crashes have fortunately been the exception to the rule. What this means now is that the software engineers will have to work on creating a fool-proof system that doesn’t give driverless cars the potential to crash into anybody.

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