You Might Be a Motorcycle Owner If…

Owning a motorcycleOver the years, motorcyclists have gotten quite the reputation; unfortunately, it’s not always been good. Often seen as rebels, being part of a gang, violent and reckless, these old-fashioned stereotypes need to be revised.  The everyday motorcycle owner and enthusiast is nothing like the assumed type. Yes, there are elements in the motorcycle community that one needs to be wary of but this is not the case for all.

Rather, the majority of motorcyclists can better be described as passionate, thrill-seeking, brave, loyal, and, not surprisingly, adventurous. Many motorcyclists ride because it is cost-efficient, easier to park, makes navigating traffic easier, and most importantly, the sense of camaraderie that is found.

However, there is more to owning a motorcycle than the love of adventure and community. As a motorcyclist, one also has a responsibility to see that their bike is road ready- which means having a good understanding of how their bike handles and how to keep it maintained.

Things a Motorcycle Owner Must Do

Keep it clean –

Unless you spent a day at the track and haven’t been home yet, spray it down after each ride, especially if you rode through mud or other debris. A clean bike will ride more smoothly and will keep it looking great. Be sure when cleaning, that you take time to wash any grit or. build up off the chain and apply lube to protect it.

Pay attention to the tires –

Make all the mods you want, but be sure that the tires are in good condition. Be intentional about checking the tires’ treads for any damage and replace them when needed Also, know what your tire pressure should be for optimal riding and keep them filled at the correct pressure. Depending on the temperature this pressure may vary, so be sure to adjust as needed.

Change the fluids –

Low or dirty coolant will result in the engine overheating or freezing; old or minimal oil affects the smoothness of the ride and will cause engine damage. Learn how to change the fluids yourself, so you can save time and money. Then use AMSOIL coolant, motorcycle oil, transmission fluid, and more for optimum performance. You can purchase these products and others from your AMSOIL dealer, LifeTime Oil.

Clean the cables –

While oil and grease are a must on the cable housing. If this dries out it will affect the performance of the clutch and throttle.

Don’t forget the battery! –

If you plan on parking your motorcycle for some time, disconnect the battery and make a note to recharge it from time to time. If the battery is more than 3 years old, you may find it doesn’t charge as fully and might be better off replaced.

Replace the air filter –

The filter’s job is to keep debris out of the motor. If the filter is dirty, it is not protecting the engine, and your ride will not be as smooth as you want. Learn where your bike’s filter is, and how to change it, as this will save you money.

Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful way to explore the world and meet new people. But you can’t do this if your bike is not ready to roll. Be sure you know all you can about your motorcycle so you can indulge the thrill-seeking, adventure-loving part of your personality. After all, what good is a motorcycle that can’t be ridden? Keeping the oil changed, tires at the correct pressure, cables greased and other tasks is a must.