Beginning in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles, Route 66 is one of the most famed highways in America.  And, as an RV owner, the 2,448-mile trip is worth taking!  Whether you traverse the Route in its entirety all-at-once or in increments, add it to your bucket list.

Whether you travel in sections or as a month-long experience, be sure your RV is ready to go.  So, before heading down Route 66, be sure to inspect your RV and top off fluids.  Visit your AMSOIL dealer, Life Time Oil to be sure. has quality synthetic oils, lubricants, filters, fuel additives, and more.  Then load up the RV and get ready to explore Route 66!

Must See Places on Route 66:

  • Route 66Downtown Chicago.  As the beginning of the trip, be sure you take a moment to record your journey with a bite to eat.  Perhaps eat at renowned Lou Mitchell’s.  Be sure to snap a pic of the sign at the corner of Adams St. and Michigan Ave.  If time permits, you can also visit the nearby Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Rt. 66 Hall of Fame & Museum.  Located in Pontiac, Illinois, it’s a memorial to all things Route 66 and Americana.  It is also the site of the world’s largest Route 66 shield-painted mural.
  • Gateway Arch. This 630-foot bridge in St. Louis, MO, is the place for amazing views of the city.  Be sure to make time for the tram tour to the top.  Then head to the free museum to learn more about the history.
  • Wagon Wheel Motel.  Sure you have an RV, but staying at one of the Route’s most famed lodgings is a treat. It is one of the oldest continually operated motels along Route 66 and offers a guest laundry area, firepits with comfortable chairs for connecting with others, and a place to rest your wheels.
  • Galena, Kansas.  Here are 2 great Route 66 locations. The Galena Mining and Historic Museum and the well-recognized Cars on the Route Kan-O-Tex gas station, which was used as inspiration in the movie Cars.
  • The Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum.  Love classic cars? Then be sure to check out the vintage autos found here in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  It is also home to the World’s Tallest Gas Pump.
  • Jack Sisemore Taveland RB Museum.  If you are going to travel the Route by RV then this is a must-stop venue! For more than 25 years the family has been restoring and showcasing RVs from the 1930s to 1970s.
  • Cadillac Ranch.  Take a few minutes in Amarillo, TX to check out the 10 Caddy’s planted nose first, and be sure to leave your mark before you go.
  • Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post.  Need a place to stop and rest awhile?  Then make a reservation here in Albuquerque, NM. With Southwestern foods, spices, and Native American crafts, plus a vintage trailer exhibit, this is a perfect stopping point for the RV traveler.
  • Petrified Forest National Park (Apache and Navajo Counties, AZ).  Reserve a spot at one of the area RV parks then spend some time exploring this beautiful country.  With miles of hiking trails and sights such as the Painted Desert, this is a stop you will want to make.
  • Amboy, CA.  As home to the famed Roy’s Motel and Café as well as the impressive Amboy Crater this is a great stop to make. Check out the 250 ft. high and 1,500 feet in diameter crater, do some hiking then indulge in drinks and snacks at the Café.
  • Santa Monica, CA.  This is the end of The Route. Be sure to get out and smell the salt air, enjoy some seafood and get a picture of the sign.

Traveling Route 66 is a wonderful way to explore America, and this list of places is by no means all-inclusive. Pack your bags, be sure you have some extra AMSOIL products available, and get ready to have fun making memories of your own. Now, it’s just a matter of deciding where to go first.