Maintain Your Transportation Fleet

While services such as Uber and Lyft have become popular, taxis, limo services, and vehicle rentals are still necessary and not obsolete.  People still use these services, and when they do, they want to know that the company is dependable.  If you own or manage a transportation business, it is important you do your part to earn customer trust and retain clients.  This is where intentional vehicle maintenance comes in.

6 Benefits of Maintaining Your Fleet

Taking care of your fleet means less downtime.

Transportation Fleet MaintenanceYour drivers need to be able to leave when called. They don’t want to need to wait for a vehicle that has plenty of oil, air in the tires, and clean seats. Simple tasks such as checking the tire’s air pressure, cleaning the cab after every trip, and topping off fluids need to be done often. As with any vehicle, be sure that the oil is changed as recommended. You can save time on this task (and others) by having a mechanic onsite.  Then buy products such as oil, brake fluid, engine boost, transmission fluid, and air filters in bulk from AMSOIL dealer, LifeTime Oil.

Lengthen the vehicle’s lifespan.

Keeping your fleet in top running condition means that the cars, limos, etc. will last longer, so you are protecting your investment. Routine maintenance tasks and inspections will keep small concerns from becoming big problems. No one wants to take a cab only to get stuck on the side of the road because the cab they rented quit running or overheated!

Keeps your drivers safe and your insurance agent happy.

When your fleet is properly maintained, you are also protecting your drivers. Be intentional about giving each vehicle a thorough inspection after every trip. You don’t want to be faced with legal fees because a driver or passenger was injured due to a repair that needed to be done- but was ignored! According to OSHA, vehicle crashes due to overlooked repairs/maintenance result in $60 billion annually for medical, and legal expenses, property damage, and a loss of productivity.

Maintaining your fleet keeps you in charge.

Surprises are great unless the surprise is not knowing a particular vehicle in your fleet is not road ready. Taking time to inspect the tires, brakes, fluid levels, etc. can help minimize negative “surprises”.

Keeps you in good standing with state agencies.

Most states have standards transportation companies must meet to stay operational. Staying on top of maintenance tasks will help you meet the requirements.

Get better reviews online.

Today’s consumers are quick to leave negative reviews, and often slow to leave positive ones. Be sure to keep anything said about your company positive. Do this through having a cleaning riding space, and well-maintained -both inside and out -vehicles. And of course, having friendly drivers always helps!

When guests arrive in your city, you want to be there for them and ensure they reach their destination promptly and safely. Scheduled vehicle maintenance is a big part of achieving that. From oil changes to clean seats, all of it is important. Making time to keep your fleet road-ready means you can put more money in your pocket while building a reputation you can be proud of.