Your car’s dashboard tells you so much about what’s going on with your vehicle. Each warning light is important.  It’s also important to know what those warning lights actually mean. This could save you form a breakdown and a very expensive repair bill. So read on to know more about what the warning lights may be telling you.

Engine Warning Light

Your engine light turning on usually will come with other symptoms; stuttering as you press the accelerator, the car shutting down, or some other issues that affect normal engine response. Sometimes it could be a faulty electrical sensor that is making it light up, but many times it could be a bigger mechanical issue. It is better to have a mechanic check it out, before irreparable damage could occur. It would also be a good opportunity to get a synthetic oil change in Isanti.

Oil Warning Light

This sign might light up when the oil temperature is too high or the oil level and pressure are too low. The oil’s job is to lubricate and keep the engine cool. If it gets too hot or the level is too low, there won’t be a good lubrication and really expensive engine damage can happen. Take your car to a mechanic, get a synthetic oil change while you’re at it. Enjoy the benefits this smart move will bring to your engine.

Airbag Light

Airbags are there to keep us safe in case of a collision, if it isn’t working properly, then you aren’t really protected. In case of a car crash, it won’t go off and you and your passengers could be seriously injured. There is also the possibility that the airbag could deploy when you least expected, not only would it be a big shock, but it could cause an injury, not to mention the expenses of fixing it.

Power Steering Light

If the steering warning light turns on, there’s probably something wrong with the steering system. A failing system could mean a heavy steering wheel that takes more effort to move. Difficulty maneuvering can turn from a minor annoyance to an actual risk depending on where you’re driving.

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