How involved are you in your motorcycle maintenance? Are you one of those people that immediately takes their bike to a mechanic, or do you do some of the fixings yourself? Do you change your own motorcycle oil? There are some maintenance tasks that are easy to do at home and can save you a lot of the expenses of a mechanic. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your motorcycle for checkups with frequency.  Read on to know which tasks you can do at home.


You can check your tire pressure with a pressure gauge about once a week. It’s the easiest task you can do on your own, and one of the most neglected ones, too.

Motorcycle Oil Change

It’s very important to change your motorcycle’s oil to keep it running smoothly and to ensure your engine is working at its best. Your owner’s manual should tell you what type of oil your engine requires and how often it should be change. Get a synthetic oil change in Isanti for bigger benefits.

Tension and Chain Lubrication

Your motorcycle’s owner’s manual can help you learn how to adjust the bike’s tension. When the chain tension is not correct, it can cause early wear on the sprocket and gearbox, which can lead to rear suspension issues, a shorter drive chain lifespan, and other details. When setting the chain tension, it is necessary to do so with the weight of a person on top because the chain tightens with the rider.


Many bike’s batteries are hidden underneath the seat or the gas tank, making it easy for people to forget about checking up on them. You should remove the battery to work on it in a safer way. Check the acid level by putting it on a level surface. Careful not to overfill it when you are topping it off, because the acid can drain when you are moving. Remember to clean and grease your battery to avoid corrosion.

Maintain Your Motorcycle Oil with the Best Synthetic Oil in Isanti

Motorcycle care can be done at home from time to time, but it is necessary to take your bike for regular servicing. Remember to get an AMSOIL synthetic oil change in Isanti next time you need a change of motorcycle oil.  Lifetimeoil in Isanti has all the AMSOIL products you may need. Give them a call at: (612) 819-8835. You can be an AMSOIL dealer from home! This means you can be making extra cash on the side and be your boss. If you are interested in a home-based business opportunity in Isanti, call Lifetimeoil at: (612) 819-8835 to know more.