For many motorcycle enthusiasts, Sturgis, SD means one thing- The annual Motorcycle Rally.  It’s held each August and while the bike rally is the town’s claim to fame, there is more to the area than motorcycles.  It is an area rich in history and replete with amazing natural sites, museums, outdoor activities, and great dining locations.

Things to Do in the Sturgis, SD Area

Sturgis3Full Throttle Saloon

This self-proclaimed World’s largest Biker Bar is a must-experience venue if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. During Bike Week, it offers a variety of entertainment from bands, contests, and activities such as zip lining, so you are certain to find something that appeals to you. And, to add to the fun, Full Throttle has cabins and camping areas available, so you don’t miss out on any of the excitement.

Belle Joli Winery Sparkling House

Looking for a relaxing activity? Then head to Belle Joli for a wine tasting. With an assortment of sparkling wines to try paired with a tour of the vineyard and the beautiful scenery that is the Sturgis, SD area. This is the perfect way to unwind.

Saab Heritage Car Museum

Motorcycles aren’t the only sets of wheels in Sturgis! The Saab Heritage Car Museum is home to more than 100 cars, from those made in the 1950s to those from a decade ago. When in Sturgis, be sure to make time to check out these beauties!

Old Fort Meade Museum

For a look at the history of Sturgis, this is the place. The museum focuses on Ft. Meade, established in 1878-79 by J.C. Sturgis, for whom the town is named. The museum tells the story of Little Big Horn, Comanche -the famed horse and a survivor of that battle, and the area’s history. Of particular interest, the Star Spangled Banner was played here before military ceremonies, long before it was declared the national anthem. Guests will find the nearby Ft. Mead Recreation Area the perfect place for camping, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and many other great outdoor activities.

Bear Butte State Park

Known for its unusual rock formation, the Bear Butte State park is a perfect place for hiking and horseback riding. It features three trails of varying length and difficulty, plenty of water for fishing and boating, and quiet areas perfect for meditating. Do keep in mind that the park is sacred to many Native Americans, and you may see people practicing various ceremonies at the park. Should you see religious ceremonies occurring, please show them respect, and refrain from taking pictures!

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

Even if you are not a motorcyclist, you can’t come to Sturgis and not visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Here you will read the stories of people who have made a difference in the industry, see the bikes and artwork, and get a chance to learn more about the history of The Rally.

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So, load up and head to Sturgis, SD. No matter how you plan to arrive, you can be sure to have a great visit.