If you love dirt bike riding and racing, then it is likely you have learned a thing or two about how to keep your bike in top condition. However, if that little bit of knowledge inspired you to learn more, and now you are thinking about doing some dirt bike repair or building on the side, then it is likely you discovered your personal garage is lacking in tools. But what exactly do you need to successfully repair or build bikes?

dirt bikeThe Dirt Bike Garage: Tools of the Ride

Spanner set –

Ideally, buy a quality steel alloy set, as these will last you for years.

Spark plug wrench –

This is an inexpensive investment that can save you a great deal of time, and minimize the risk of damage. The spark plug wrench makes it easier to clean and remove the spark plugs.

Allen keys set –

There is a variety of types and styles on the market, from the traditional to the newer T-handle design, and you can choose from flat ends to a ball end. The shape and style you choose will affect the cost, but a multi-purpose set is a definite must in any garage where working on dirt bikes is the norm.

Cable ties –

These can be used in so many ways, that no garage should be without them. Get them in an assortment of sizes, but always in black as they will last longer than the white ones which cannot withstand UV rays.

Adjustable wrench –

Choose a quality one, as this is a tool you will reach for often. When looking, consider an 8-inch chrome vanadium steel wrench as this will last you a long time -unless you “loan” it to someone who fails to return it!

Strip Light or LED torch –

It can be hard to see the many parts when doing dirt bike repairs. Extra lighting will make a big difference.

Chain Breaker –

Buy a quality one, as you will need it to remove pins and links, and then add new ones.

Pit Stand –

Give yourself a dependable base for doing repairs, even better, spend the extra money for one with an oil dip tray.

Pliers –

Get a good set with rubberized handles as this makes it easier to hold on to. Be sure the set includes standard long pliers, short nose pliers, and mole grips.

Valve stem tool –

There’s no reason to fight with swapping out the tires. A valve stem tool makes this a quick task. Other must-haves for tires include a tire lever, a tire pump, a tire iron set, and a bead buddy.

Of course, having the right tools is important, but don’t forget about elements such as filters, assorted fluids, and quality oil. You can get all of these products from AMSOIL dealer, LifeTime Oil. Order just a few items for a single build, or save time and money by buying in bulk. Then, you can top off fluids and keep your bike(s) running smoothly all the time.

Whether you just want to repair dirt bikes or want to craft a design of your own the right tools are a must. Take time to invest in quality tools and products so you can be efficient and effective in all your dirt bike endeavors. Then hang on for the ride, the track is calling!