When you own an RV, then it’s always a good time to hit the road for an adventure. But after several trips, you may want to improve the experience. Sure, you can look for more unique or exciting places to visit, but these may not matter.  Part of the problem could be the RV itself.  Is it time for an RV upgrade?

Fortunately, there are ways to take your RV to the next level of comfort, practicality or becoming more of a home.

Taking Your RV to the Next Level
Creature Comforts

RV UpgradesDo you not sleep as well in your RV bed as you do at home? Easy solution- buy a new mattress. Want to keep the kids entertained after the park night-time hours? Invest in easy to store games, a gaming system, or a hi-def television. Love to cook but feel limited by the stove in your RV? Consider upgrading to a new cooktop or perhaps getting a grill. Other upgrades that make a difference include using solar panels to regulate comfort levels, improving the electrical or plumbing system(s), or installing a new air conditioner.

Bathroom RV Upgrades

Perhaps one of the hardest things to adapt to in the RV lifestyle is the bathroom. While newer RVs have amazing bathroom designs, this is not the case for all RVs. But this is an easy upgrade. Simple ways to improve this RV space would be to first change out the shower head. Ideally, choose a shower head that offers the waterflow you want but saves water. To make showering feel more like your space, swap the shower curtain or even the shower door. You can also add adhesive shower caddies or over the door organizers, so your favorite supplies are within reach.

Make the Walls Yours

Those generic walls your RV came with can be blasé. Spice them up by painting them or using stick-on wall coverings. From decorative backsplashes to delightful peel and stick tiles or wallpapers there are thousands of ways to show-off your style. And, if you have little ones., consider chalkboard paint on the fridge or cabinet doors. This makes them a perfect creative space for the littles. The chalkboard paint is also a great place to leave notes for your travel companions.

No matter what upgrades or changes you make to your RV, don’t forget the ones under the hood. Swapping to synthetic oil, as well as using quality filters, engine booster and other fluids will make a big difference in how your RV handles on trips. Check out local AMSOIL dealer Lifetime Oil for all the items you need to take your engine to the next level. Just making this upgrade you are ensuring you have a smoother ride.

So, what upgrades will you be making to move your RV from ordinary to over-the -top? From simple changes to the more involved ones, there’s always something you can do to make the RV lifestyle even better.