As a car owner, it is likely that you have considered making, or have made, a variety of modifications to your car. But are those car mods actually worth the time and money invested? After all, what is appealing to you might not have the greatest resale value down the road.

If you are thinking about doing some mods, consider why you want them, and what resale affect they might have.

Car Modification That Make Cents

  • Car ModsCoilovers – Believed by many to be one of the best mods you can make, coilovers improve your suspension. Offering better rebound, and adjustable height this is a practical modification.
  • Brakes – Swap out the original brakes with larger discs to provide more pressure over a wider space. This will cause more resistance and improve stop time.
  • Tires- Also ranking at the top of the great modification list is a tire upgrade. Do you live in an area where inclement weather, or flooding is common? Perhaps have poor driving/road conditions. If so, then replacing the factory tires with all-terrain tires is highly suggested. This results in better traction and minimizes uneven wear or punctures.
  • Exhausts – Change out the OEM piece for a cat or gpf-back performance exhaust system. This mod replace every part of the catalytic converter. It is made from stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty. They are available in several styles, so you can determine how you want it to sound or add silencers.
  • Air filters – Want an inexpensive mod that gives bang for your buck? Then swap to a performance air filter. These filters are more restrictive than traditional air filters, so it keeps more dirt and debris from entering your engine. In addition, the performance filters will last longer. A win all around!
  • Phone and tech – More and more people are using their vehicle as an office. Adding phone holders, voice command features, etc. or making driving safer while being productive will be welcomed.
  • Steel bumpers – Add an extra layer of protection between you and a bump-up. Having a steel bumper minimizes damage to your vehicle while also keeping you and your passengers better protected. Keep in mind that a steel bumper will still get the occasional ding or scratch. You can protect it by adding a ceramic coating to the paint and waxing it 3-4 times a year.

Car Mods Under the Hood

Of all the modifications you can make one of the best is swapping to synthetic oil. While not a true mod, it will make a significant difference in how your car operates. AMSOIL products such as transmission fluid, lubes, filters, and oil adds to the life of your car. And that is a modification that will pay off.  You can get AMSOIL products from your local dealer Lifetime Oil. Check out the website to determine what products are best for your ride.

Making modifications is a fun way too make your vehicle uniquely yours. Whether adding a coilover, improving the air filter or something else, modifications are all about you.