The fuel injector has been a part of the internal combustion engine for decades.  As its name implies, its job is to push (inject) the fuel directly to the engine.  They are used in both combustion engines and diesel engines.

Fuel InjectorDepending on how new the vehicle is, electronically controlled fuel injectors may determine the amount of fuel as programmed by the electronic control module.  They serve as a replacement for the carburetor.  Gas fuel injectors are most likely mounted in the intake manifold, the throttle body or, in very new vehicles, directly in the combustion chamber.  Although fuel injectors will typically last quite some time, like any vehicle part, they will not last indefinitely if not properly maintained.

Common Reasons for Fuel Injectors to Fail

Dirt – Perhaps, one of the biggest contributors to fuel injection issues is fuel contamination, for example, debris getting past your vehicle’s filtration system. If the filtration system is ineffective, the debris can act like sandpaper and will wear down key surfaces.

Bad fuel- Poor quality gasoline that contains water or chemical bi-products will cause corrosion due to debris getting between the various parts and causing things to stick.

Bad installation – If you must get the fuel injector replaced and it is not done correctly, then more problems will develop. These will manifest as misfiring, black smoke, and the check engine light coming on.

Solenoid failure – A job of the solenoid is to make a magnetic field for the fuel injector pintle (the part that controls the injection area). If there is a short in the solenoid, it can cause problems for the injector.

Engine blow-by – Your vehicle’s system is designed to move fuel and oil residue past the pistons and into the crankshaft. If the air filter doesn’t capture it or the PCV system fails, then sludge will clog the fuel injector rendering it ineffective.

Signs of Faulty Fuel Injectors

  • Bad fuel economy
  • Problems when idling
  • Fuel injector misfire
  • Loss of engine power

So, what can you do to minimize the risk of fuel injector issues? Fortunately, there is an easy solution.  Just add a quality fuel injector cleaner.  You can find AMSOIL products such as Quickshot, Diesel All-in-One, and  Dominator at Lifetime Oil, your local AMSOIL dealer.  Find the products you need to protect your vehicle’s gas engine, your motorcycle, or diesel engine.  Talk to your AMSOIL dealer today.