In today’s world, it is not uncommon for consumers to purchase things in bulk. Especially, when they find a really good price and have a place to store the products. No matter what your business focus is, being able to purchase low and sell at a profit will always be good business sense.

Why Buy Commercial Landscaping Supplies in Bulk?

LandscapingEverything will look the same.

If you are hired to fill in a large walkway or driveway with a particular type of stone and get midway through and must go purchase more of the product it is likely that the second purchase won’t match the original one. Buying In bulk ensures that all the elements are going to look alike- no disruptions of size, color, etc.

It is more efficient to haul.

Rather than making multiple trips to pick up additional product, you can get it all at once (or maybe a second trip) and save time and money on moving costs. Better yet, some suppliers may offer free or discounted delivery if you buy in bulk.

Have product(s) on hand when you need them.

Buying bulk means you have what you need when you need it. For example, your lawn equipment needs to be properly maintained to be used. Thus, you need to have air filters, oil, degreaser, lube, etc. in stock. You can do this by placing a bulk order with AMSOIL dealer Lifetime Oil. They have all the products you need to keep your lawn maintenance equipment rolling all season long.

You can get what you need.

When you buy bags, you are limited to how much the bags hold and will have to factor a bid based on that amount. Buying bulk means you can purchase whatever amount you. need/want.

LandscapingIt is more eco-friendly.

Packing individually bagged items uses more bags which means more refuse, not to mention requiring more energy. Plus, smaller purchases mean more trips so more gas is used.

There is consistency in quality.

When you buy landscaping supplies in bulk you can be sure that not only is the color or shape consistent, but the quality will be as well. Fertilizers or mulch may be made in batches, then bagged up. When you purchase individual bags, you may get one bag from last week, another made 3 weeks ago, and yet another from a few months ago. And, while one would like to think all things are equal, this may not be the case. Bulk purchasing avoids that concern.

As a commercial landscaper, the benefits of buying low and selling high (or at least higher than you paid for it) is a good way to ensure that you have the items you need on hand for a job. Whether it is buying bulk gravel or keeping extra air filters and AMSOIL products available, anytime you can save time and money is a win. So, reach out to your local AMSOIL dealer, Lifetime Oil, and get a start on building up that backstock.