Owning a business is a lot of work. It can mean long hours, little thanks, and all the stress. Of course, it can also mean setting your own hours.  Likewise, it gives you the freedom to delegate, and the satisfaction of doing something you are passionate about.  Jet ski businesses are seasonal but thrive when the water is available.

A great seasonal business is Personal Water Craft rental(s). While a variety of ‘vehicles’ fall into the PWC category, perhaps the most common is jet ski rental. These PWCs are fun and relatively simple to navigate, making them a fan favorite for the beach-going crowd.

Jet ski 1But like anything used on the water, the jet ski is not something that is bought and enjoyed without needing maintenance. As a PWC rental location, it is vital that you keep all your jet skis and any other PWC equipment in prime condition- otherwise, you will lose money because the watercraft cannot be rented when needed.

Jet Ski PWC Maintenance Tips for a Success Business

No matter the type of water your business is located near, it is pertinent that all of your PWCs are ready when your clientele is. So, in addition to daily and weekly inspections of the watercraft, other tasks need to be done to guarantee you can always be open for business.

Loose or damaged parts –

Not every renter will treat your jet skis the same. Consequently, after every rental, inspecting the jet ski for any loose or broken parts is necessary. Check the throttle, cables, trim, and any exposed wires.

Keep them Clean –

Jet skis were not meant to be stored in water, but they do need to be sprayed off-especially if your rental location is on salt water- and then stored on a PWC lift. By rinsing any debris and drying off the PWCs after each rental, you ensure they will last a long time.

Change the oil –

The average jet ski needs to have the oil changed after 50 hours of usage. As a rental location, your jet skis will rack up the hours quickly. To extend the time between oil changes, opt for synthetic oil from AMSOIL. You can be sure to have plenty of oil on hand by ordering in bulk from LifeTime Oil. Also, by using synthetic oil for your fleet of PWCs, you can go longer periods between oil changes, which means more time they are on the water.

Spark Plugs –

You will need to change the spark plugs in your PWC fleet at least once a season. This inexpensive annual task will ensure your fleet is ready for the many hours your clients will have them in use.

Winterization –

At the end of the rental season, there are several tasks to perform to be sure you -and your PWC fleet – are ready to go next year.

    • Be sure everything has been rinsed off, debris removed, and all parts are properly attached.
    • Flush any fluids- fuel, motor oil, filter, etc.- this will prevent corrosion and sediment buildup.
    • Remove the battery and store it separately from the machine. This will go a long way towards getting maximum use from your PWCs.

Owning a PWC business is a great way to combine the freedom of owning your business with a hobby that is loved by many. Doing your part to keep your inventory in top working condition is a must. Be sure to have the right items on hand so you can keep your business afloat.