According to a study done in 2020 by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, there are 11.2 million RV-owning households in America. This number is up 62% over the past 20 years. With that number in mind, it may make one wonder about the appeal of the RV lifestyle. But for many who have embraced the call of the open road this increase in RVing households is no surprise. Although it may be frustrating, as getting their favorite RV spot at the park might be more difficult!

But what does being an RV-er mean?  If you are considering the RV lifestyle, then ask yourself how many of the following RVing lifestyle traits resonate with you.

Signs the RVing Lifestyle is for You


1. You enjoy road trips.

This is a must if you plan to make RVing a way of life. You are likely to spend many days per year riding down the road. However, if the thought of miles in a vehicle does not cause dismay, you should give RVing a deeper look.

2. You prefer more luxury than a tent.

Roughing it in a camp might be fun for some. But if you want to close the door from the elements and stay warm/cool inside, have a bathroom, not an outhouse, and yet still be able to

enjoy time away then an RV is a great choice.

3. You don’t enjoy yard work.

Owning a home means cutting the grass, trimming the trees, pulling weeds, painting the interior/exterior of the home, and a slew of other home ownership tasks. With an RV you don’t have to deal with these jobs. Yes, you still have to cook, clean, and take out the trash but it takes less time. And you get to change the view outside the window as often as you like.


4. You aren’t interested in being tied down.

Tired of others saying you should buy a house, upgrade your current one, or settle for a job in an office somewhere? Then perhaps the RVing lifestyle is the answer. With so many remote job opportunities available there is no reason to stay in one place to work. Choose what matters to you and your family and jump into the life you are dreaming about.

5. A significant portion of your life goals include travel.

If this is familiar, then an RV is the perfect way to accomplish this. Get out there and see the world- or even just your state and those around it.

6. Anonymity is preferred.

Do you dislike being somewhere where it seems everyone knows you? Are you tired of the same restaurants and shopping locations? Then an RV offers the chance to see new places and make new friends every time you head down the road.

Of course, living in an RV isn’t always easy. And it doesn’t mean that you pack your home or vehicle maintenance tools away. Rather, you must stay vigilant in taking care of any cracks, leaks, or dings to the RV’s interior and exterior, as well as being up to date on vehicle maintenance tasks like inspecting the tires, topping off fluids, checking and changing the oil and keeping everything under the hood working properly. Save time by keeping a few quarts of AMSOIL products on hand. Order your oil, lubes, transmission fluid, and other products from AMSOIL dealer Lifetime Oil. Then, you can be sure your home is ready to travel, whenever you are.

If so, there’s no time like the present to set out on your next adventure. Load up and roll out today.