When you own a landscaping company, you quickly find there is much more to it than simply keeping your client’s lawns looking good. It also means having the right equipment, maintaining that equipment, and keeping up appointments, schedules, and other desk jobs. However, one of the most important aspects of running a lawn care service is having equipment that is well maintained and working when you need it.

Your landscaping business, to be successful, requires having the right equipment. This means tools such as hedge trimmers, trowels, spades, and shovels that need minimal upkeep; and power tools like riding and walk-behind lawn mowers, weed eaters, and perhaps backhoes and loaders that require more maintenance. Failing to keep your tools in prime working order will cost you both time and money- and nobody wants to waste that!

Maintenance Tips for Your Landscaping Equipment

Weed whacking 2-stroke equipment. AMSOIL Commercial Account.Power Cord

Pull the cord out and check for any signs of fraying, cracks, or other damage. Replace it if you see anything that concerns you.


Ideally, the mower blades should have been cleaned off before the season began. However, check that the blades are clean and ready to go again this season. If the blades have not been cleaned, you can use a plastic putty knife to remove build-up and then rinse the blades down with water.

Spark Plugs

These simple parts of your lawn mower’s engine are crucial to it working when you need it. Before landscaping season is in full swing, check the spark plugs to see if they are connected and working correctly. If the spark plugs are faulty or not engaging properly, it can make starting your mower difficult, increase the amount of fuel used, and even cause engine damage. Also, check the spark plugs throughout the season to ensure they are still in prime working condition; replace them if not.

Clean and Replace the Air Filter(s)

For your mower to be efficient and effective, it must have a clean and intact air filter. For the most efficiency, the air filter should be cleaned after every use and replaced when it begins to tear or becomes damaged.

Check the Oil

The amount of oil needed will depend on the type of mower. While all lawn care equipment may not require oil, several will. Be sure these tools are ready.

  • For 2-stroke gas-powered items like weed trimmers and leaf blowers, check the owner’s guide for the correct ratio of gas to oil. The incorrect amount can cause damage to the engine.
  • For 4-stroke mowers, check the dip-stick to see if the oil is at the correct level, and add accordingly. The right amount of oil will keep all the parts properly lubricated and working smoothly; too much can result in air bubbles and poor performance. To get the most from your oil, use a synthetic such as AMSOIL. Talk to your local AMSOIL dealer, Lifetime Oil, to get what you need to keep your landscaping equipment running smoothly.

Open an AMSOIL Commercial Account

Save money in your lawncare and landscaping business by opening an AMSOIL Commercial Account!  You’ll save 25% off of oils and lubricants you use in preventive maintenance.  You’ll also get free delivery on qualifying orders.  Between the cost savings and the longer interval between oil changes, your AMSOIL Commercial Account is an asset to your lawncare or landscaping business.

Ensuring your landscaping equipment is ready whenever you need it will go a long way toward building a successful business. Make time to clean equipment, add oil, update filters, and keep it sharp, so your lawn care company can grow faster than the grass does.