There is no better time to have a perfectly functioning car then under the summer heat. Who wants to be left stranded and sweating under the blasting sun? Here is some advice on how to keep your vehicle on top shape during the summer, including using AMSOIL synthetic oil for your oil changes.

Keep the Pressure On

As the temperature rises your tires expand, so always check the pressure when they are at a normal temperature. They should always be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations located on the car’s door, never to the number on the tire. Taking care of your tire’s pressure will make them last longer and protect them against irreparable damage.

Oil Keeps it Cool

Not only does oil keep your car’s moving parts fully lubricated, it helps cool some areas of the engine as well. Change your oil and filter as recommended. Better yet, switch to AMSOIL synthetic oil to make does changes less frequent and have a more pure and beneficial product. Changing your oil and oil filter will help your engine’s durability and performance, which will help lower fuel costs. The best of oil for your engine is AMSOIL synthetic oil. Call Lifetimeoil at (612) 819-8835 so an expert can tell you more about the benefits of synthetic oil in Isanti.

Stay in the Shade

Give your car a break when you are not driving it and keep it in the shade. This is more for the cosmetic appeal of your car. The sun can damage the paint and interiors. Try to park it in the shade whenever you can and use a windshield sunshade to reduce cracking and drying inside your vehicle, and also keep it a little bit cooler for you to use again. For the paint, regularly wax it using a polish with UV protection.

Air Conditioner for Relaxation

Yes, air conditioning is fuel consuming, but having it improves aerodynamics and keeps everyone inside the car cool, fresh, and happy.  Have your air conditioner checked every year. Maybe you have a leak that you haven’t noticed and that is why the A/C isn’t getting cold. Water dripping isn’t a sign of a leak, it’s just condensation being drained.

Let Your Battery Live

When a voltage regulator isn’t working properly, it may allow a higher than appropriate charging rate, which can lead to your battery dying. The heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate and so damages to the internal structure (voltage regulator) can happen. Keep your battery cleaned and well hydrated.

For Synthetic Oil in Isanti

If you are in the market for the best synthetic oil, look no more! Get an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. Lifetimeoil in Isanti can help you with that, call them at (612) 819-8835.  You can also meet all your synthetic oil needs at their online store. Additionally, you can contact them if you’d like a home-based business in Isanti, so you can gain financial freedom with AMSOIL.