In order for your car to have power to run, the engine needs to combine air and gasoline. The air comes in through an air filter which keeps dirt, bugs, and other contaminants from damaging the engine. Over time, the air filter gets clogged and your car’s performance is affected. You should clean or change your air filter with frequency, just as you would get a synthetic oil change in Isanti. For that reason, Lifetimeoil in Isanti brings you this list of signs that tell you when it’s time to clean your air filter.

Strange Engine Sounds

When your car hums smoothly while being stationary with the engine turned on, it means it is working efficiently.  Conversely, vibrations or strange noises means that the clogged air filter is affecting other parts of the engine.

The Air Filter Looks Dirty

A clean air filter should be a somewhat white color; as it starts accumulating dirt, it turns darker. It’s necessary to have a mechanic check the air filter when you take it for maintenance.  The inner layer of the filter may have dirt and pollen that’s not very visible to the naked eye.

Dark Smoke Coming from the Exhaust

A possible outcome of insufficient air supply can be that some of the fuel is not being burned and instead it’s coming out through the exhaust pipe. If you see dark smoke coming out of it, ask a mechanic to clean or replace the air filter

Lower Fuel Economy

A dirty filter prevents oxygen from coming through, so your engine has to compensate by using more fuel for power. If your mileage isn’t as good as it used to be, it may indicate the air filter needs replacing.

If Your Engine Need a New Air Filter and a Synthetic Oil Change in Isanti

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