Defensive driving is when you are able you protect and defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad or drunk drivers, or poor weather. Defensive driving goes beyond the lessons you learn in driving school. LifeTime Oil, your AMSOIL dealer, provides synthetic oil in Isanti.  In this post, Lifetimeoil in Isanti will tell you a few tips you should know about defensive driving.

Being Aware

Constantly checking your mirrors, blindspots, and being aware of your surrounding can help you avoid accidents before they happen. Think of the possible situations that may happen and how you would act upon them.

Recovering From a Skid

Pick a visual target out in the distance and stay focused on it. Maintaining your focus on the target will help your feet and hands get you out of the skid. If it’s a rear skid, just accelerate a little to transfer the weight to the back of the car and steer in the direction of the skid. When the front wheels are the ones that skids, let go of the gas a bit and brake gently to transfer the weight forward.

Knowing How to Swerve

There are some situations where you won’t have time or space to stop, which is when you need to swerve. Try to keep some open space beside you so you can move safely into an empty lane. Also don’t swerve abruptly when you are trying to avoid hitting something, it may make you lose control of the vehicle. Most new cars are designed to take front-end collisions.

Using Anti-lock Brakes 

The first time you have the need to use the anti-lock brakes, you may feel panicky and do it all wrong. First instinct will tell you to let go of the brake pedal, which is the opposite of what you should be doing. Apply a smooth pressure to the pedal, you’ll hear some weird noises when you do, but it’s normal.

Making Assumptions

Never assume that the other drivers are alert, sober, or following road rules all the time. People make mistakes with frequency and it’s completely normal. The best thing we can do is be prepared for the worst; always ready to defend yourself.

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