Life’s Distractions Can Lead to Neglect

As life trudges on through the pandemic, don’t ignore basic car care tasks. It’s easy to do with all of the other distractions. The holidays are behind us. And likewise, Thanksgiving and the Christmas (or whichever holiday you observe) season was a clunky experience this past year. Along with “to shop, or not to shop” in brick-and-mortar stores, you likely faced the dilemma of whether to get your oil changed at your regular lube shop—or do it yourself to minimize exposure. “Social distancing”: the buzzword of the 2020’s.

Putting off your oil change isn’t a problem… until it’s a problem. Once your engine is damaged, the repair bill gets steep fast. Two of the most basic care care tasks are also some of the simplest.

One is checking your oil. The other is checking your transmission fluid. Checking the engine oil and transmission fluid levels only takes about 2-3 minutes. Those few minutes can end up saving you thousands of dollars in car repair bills.

Neglecting Oil Changes Causes Dire Consequences

Pour AMSOIL synthetic oilEngine oil lubricates and protects high heat and friction components operating under high pressure. That pretty much sums up most moving parts under the hood. When engine oil is left to age within the engine, bad things happen.  The continued high temperatures break the oil down faster. This leads to a moderate, progressing decrease in engine performance and longevity. It also allows oxidation and particulate matter to degrade the seals and other engine parts.

There really isn’t any way to reverse the damage and adverse effects. Simply replacing the old oil with fresh oil after years of poor maintenance doesn’t fix undue wear and tear. Worn out parts to oil leaks often result. If your oil runs dry, your engine will seize and need to be replaced altogether.

What’s the Solution?

The key is to routinely change the oil as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Use a high-grade synthetic oil and premium oil filter. Spending a few extra dollars buys you peace-of-mind if life throws you a few distractions. A quality brand like AMSOIL affords you a bit more time between oil changes. In short, your vehicle will likely run better and last longer if you use AMSOIL synthetics.

Why Synthetics? Why AMSOIL for Your Oil Changes?

There are two main benefits of using synthetic oil. They provide a longer duration of lubricity without breaking down; and they’re formulated to withstand harsher driving conditions and operating temperatures. Modern day engines are able to go 5000-7000 miles between oil changes using the right type of oil. Accordingly, the old days of 3000 miles between conventional oil changes are a thing-of-the-past. As with all vehicles, the specific driving conditions you experience may require more frequent maintenance intervals, especially if your vehicle frequently tows, hauls, races, etc.

Transmission fluid is essentially oil that is specifically designed for transmissions. It is important to note, however, that transmission fluid and engine oil are not interchangeable. While engine oil needs to be replaced multiple times per year, transmission fluid can typically last 60,000-100,000 miles between changes. This actual mileage range largely depends on the types of driving and operating environment the vehicle endures. When in doubt, it is usually better (and cheaper) to err on the side of caution and perform the necessary maintenance at a lower mileage.

Just as there are different engine oil viscosities, there are different transmission fluids, as well. There are often specific recommendations for each make and model of vehicle, so be sure to check your AMSOIL Vehicle Guide and vehicle’s owner manual to select the correct type.

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