What will you find at the Madison Classics Swap Meet & Car Show in Jefferson, WI? In addition to the hundreds of cars on display and for sale, you’ll find hard-to-find parts, accessories, and maintenance materials essential to your passion. In other words, you won’t just find the hardware. You’ll find oils, paints, lubricants, cleaners, wraps, and every other car product imaginable. In with the mix, you’ll find AMSOIL at Madison Classics.

Muscle Car AMSOIL at Jefferson Car ShowIf you want to buy AMSOIL at the Madison Classics Swap Meet, you have few options. Of course, you can make you purchase on the fairgrounds and walk away with bottles or boxes. That’s one way to do it. But there’s a more convenient and cost-savings way. Visit LifeTimeOil.com and register as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer. Once you’re registered, you can buy AMSOIL products at a significant discount, as well as qualify for free shipping. That will keep your hands free at the swap meet so you can touch the cars, rather than carry products. (On second thought, let’s not touch the cars too much… the owners don’t appreciate it).

Let’s put the Madison Classics Car Show and Swap Meet in perspective. It’s one of the Midwest’s largest car enthusiast events, taking up 99 acres. If you make a list of pros and cons, lugging products while walking 99 acres falls into the negatives. Even if you tote a cart behind you, it’s a burden. So, here’s a recommendation: Drop-ship AMSOIL to your doorstep. It saves you time, money, and energy.

Madison Classics Car Show | AMSOIL Synthetic Oil TrailerBut if you’re a hands-on person and want to touch the product, you can buy AMSOIL at the Madison Car Show. Keep in mind, the Jefferson Car Show will display classics, vintage, and muscle cars as well as late models. Each type of car has its own unique requirements for preventive maintenance, oil, transmission fluid, etc. Oil and lubricants aren’t “one-type-fits-all”. So, along with the specifications of every unique engine, there’s a specific set of products tailored to meet your maintenance needs. Keep the list of your products along with the calendar of your scheduled maintenance in your MyAMSOILGarage account.  Never miss a maintenance interval or be short on product again!

Enjoy the car show in all its splendor. Whether you’re buying, selling or just looking, there’s something for everyone.  As you mill about smartly at the event, keep your own vehicle’s maintenance in the back of your mind.  Ask questions.  Get answers from experienced mechanics and seasoned car owners.  And when you see the LifeTime Oil AMSOIL trailer at the swap meet, be sure to meet Mylo as your AMSOIL dealer servicing Jefferson, WI.