Being able to pass the test to get your motorcycle license doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely ready for riding your motorcycle.  Sure, it prepared you and taught you the do’s and don’ts of riding but there is still much to learn before you can claim the tag of “experienced motorcyclist”.  “Hmm…. what might those important pieces of knowledge be?” you may ask.  Here are some basic things to get you on your journey from amateur rider to experienced biker.  Becoming an experienced expert means more than just time in the saddle.  It means knowing your bike, establishing solid riding habits, engaging in safe practices, and performing maintenance (like AMSOIL motorcycle oil changes).

Moving from an Amateur to an Experienced Biker

While the best way to go from beginner to expert is experience, there are some actions you can take to get there a bit more quickly.

Have the Right Bike

Choose a bike that is best designed for your build, needs, and skill level.  If you can’t handle a large bike or one with a lot of power right now, get something smaller and upgrade later.  Remember, safety first!

Long Rides and New Roads

Sure, that long road trip is calling, but riding a motorcycle takes a lot more endurance than driving.  Your body takes more ‘abuse’ on the back of a motorcycle that in a vehicle.  In addition, at the beginning of riding, opt to take roads familiar to you so you can avoid unanticipated road issues- potholes, low shoulders, uneven pavement, etc. can all affect your ability to control your bike safely.

Maintenance Matters (Including the Right Motorcycle Oil)

Become an experienced motorcycle riderThis is one of the most important actions you can take towards gaining experience! Never head out for a ride until you have taken the time to check the oil and tire pressure.   You can extend how often you need to change your bike’s oil by using a synthetic such as 15W-50 Synthetic Metric AMSOIL motorcycle oil (or AMSOIL’s V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, as applicable) but you still need to check levels before hitting the road.  If you need to find the right motorcycle oil for your iron horse, use the AMSOIL motorcycle lookup guide.

Keep it Clean

Never put away your bike dirty. Take a few minutes to spray it down and wipe it off so you can prevent corrosion.  This is especially important if you will be storing your bike for several months. However, don’t wash your bike while it is still hot from riding!  Doing this can actually cause problems such as cracking the engine block, or causing pipe damage.  Wait at least 10 minutes and then spray with cold water.  Another word of advice- just use a water hose- no power washer necessary.

Choose one Mechanic

Find a reliable mechanic and stick with them.  This person is often the unsung hero in safe riding as they are responsible for helping you keep your bike in prime riding condition.  They will know what upgrades are safest, what parts to pay attention to, and a litany of information for ensuring your ride is always at its best.

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

When making upgrades or repairs, invest in your bike.  Buying cheap just means you will need to make repairs or replacements more often.  Also, buying cheap parts can adversely affect how the other parts of your bike work.

Ready to be considered an experienced rider?  Start today by implementing these steps.  And when you need AMSOIL motorcycle oil, has it for you.