You have recently moved to Isanti, MN. You have found a new home, new school(s), new restaurants, new health care providers.  Perhaps you have a new job, and many new places to shop and enjoy your leisure time.  But now the time has come to find one more “new” location- a mechanic for your vehicles.

MechanicSome people think one garage or mechanic is as good as the next.  It’s not true. When ensuring your car or truck is road-ready, don’t hire someone just because they’re cheap.  Several factors matter in selecting a mechanic.

  • The quality of their work
  • The type of products they use
  • How dependable they are
  • What qualifications do they have?

As you look for a new mechanic, do your research.  Talk to those who have lived in the area for a while and get their recommendations.  Read online reviews.  And then make time to visit the garages that seem to be the best for your needs. When at the garage, talk to the head technician and find out all you can about products used, tools, training, qualifications, and any specialties they handle. Ideally, you want to do all this before needing a reputable mechanic!

Why Build a Relationship with Your Mechanic?

Trust –

You wouldn’t go to just any doctor, so why would you take your car in to be serviced by whatever service garage you happen upon. Sure, any mechanic worth the title can change the oil, but that doesn’t mean they are reputable and trustworthy. When you develop a relationship with a mechanic, you are taking time to build trust. You need to know that if you request synthetic oil from your local LifeTimeOil AMSOIL dealership, then that is what you are getting.

Repair Turnaround –

No, being friends with a mechanic doesn’t necessarily mean your auto work will get bumped to the top of the list, but it often means your car will get worked on faster. Also, because you have developed a relationship with the shop, they know your vehicle’s quirks and can quickly pinpoint problems.

Better Price –

A garage bases its prices on several things- the cost of the part and the wage paid to its employees being a couple of them. And while your mechanic may not have much flexibility on the price, they often balance product price against time spent. Alternately, when you have established a relationship with your mechanic, they may be willing to do a couple of related services/repairs simultaneously to help save on labor costs.

Better Planning –

Staying with a mechanic and building a relationship results in their being able to give you a heads-up on repairs that may be in your vehicle’s future. This will help you plan and save up the money so it won’t be as tough on your budget in the future. Also, a reputable mechanic can often source aftermarket parts to help lower your costs.

Having a good relationship with your mechanic is one of the best ways to get more from your vehicle(s). Isanti, MN has many great mechanics; find one perfect for you today.