Synthetic Oil Is an Environmental Plus

In our first blog post, we told you some benefits of switching to synthetic oil. One advantage we did not mention was synthetic oil‘s impact on the environment. Here are some ways that synthetic oil is not only better for your engine and your pocketbook, but for our planet as well.

How It’s Made

We do not need to go over the adverse environmental impact of offshore drilling, fracking, and oil spills. Everyone knows that drilling, refining, and transporting petroleum pose significant environmental hazards. Produced in a lab, synthetic oil avoids all of these risks.

How It Burns

Crude oil, even after refining, contains natural contaminants that cause the oil to burn faster and dirtier than synthetics.  More oil escaping out your tailpipe means higher emissions. Because synthetics do not require as much energy to move around your engine, it improves your engine output and gas mileage.

How Long It Lasts

In the right conditions, synthetic oil can last as long as 25,000 miles before needing an oil change. That is five times longer than most manufacturers recommend you change conventional oil. Even if you do not experience such long intervals between oil changes, small improvements in oil drain periods means much less oil to dispose of.

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