If you have a pristine garage floor, then there’s a good chance you have just moved into a new home. But give it time, and there is a high probability that something will get spilled or leaked onto the floor. It may be something easy to clean up, like dried mud, or more challenging, like oil or other vehicle fluids. However, these stains do not have to become a part of the garage floor design. There are a variety of approaches to having a clean floor.

If you do your own vehicle repairs, there is always a chance that fluids or oil may spill. When this happens, you will want to A) replace the oil and B) clean it up sooner versus later.  Keep a few quarts of AMSOIL on hand to make replacing the oil quick. You can order a wide range of oil, filters, and other fluids from a local dealer, Lifetime Oil. As to the second, here are some tried and proven methods for removing oil and grease stains from your garage floor.

Garage Floor Oil and Grease Stain Removal

StainLaundry Soap –

If the spill is fresh or relatively recent, grab a box of laundry soap, some towels, a nylon brush, and a bucket. First, use the towels to get up as much as possible. Then, mix a large amount of laundry soap with water so it is extra soapy. Carefully pour the mixture on the oil spill. Let sit for a few minutes. Using the brush, scrub the area. When finished, spray the area with the water at high pressure.

Cat Litter and soda –

Clay-based cat litter helps to soak up the oil. Just pour the litter on the spill, wait a few hours, then sweep it up. If oil remains, apply the litter, wait a bit longer, and sweep again. If unsatisfied, many pros will pour a clear soda on the spill, wait 20 minutes, then use a scrub brush or broom to work the soda into the stain. Next, grab a towel or cloth to wipe everything up.

Make a Poultice

Do you have old stains on your garage floor? This can be annoying- especially if they were there when you moved into your home! But there is a way to minimize, if not remove them. However, this approach is harsh, so wearing protective gear (gloves and goggles) is necessary. Start by saturating a cloth with a solvent such as acetone.  Then mix cat litter with a grease-dissolving dish soap until you get a thick paste-like consistency. Spread this over the spill and cover with the cloth. Allow it to sit until the poultice breaks down the stain. This will require patience as it is often a slow process.

Oil Stain Prevention

Of course, you can also do your part to protect the floor from vehicle fluids. When doing repairs or changing the oil, lay down a thick padding of cardboard or a foil blanket to catch any spills. Also, be vigilant in car maintenance and watch for any leaks. You can keep your garage floor looking its best with just a little intentionality.

No, your garage floor may not look brand new. But using these approaches, you can remove most of the stains.