There is a lot of excitement at a motorcycle rally. You can hear great music, meet interesting people, and see how other riders have maintained or modified their rides. But beyond that, a big draw at motorcycle rallies is the chance to compete- be it a performance-based comp or getting the Best in Show award.

Motorcycle Maintenance Pays Off

  1. MotorcycleGet it clean – Using a basic garden hose, spray down your bike to remove dirt or dust. Using a soft microfiber cloth, wash the bike with a detergent to remove any lingering dirt particles, grease, or debris. Rinse again with clean water.
  2. Clean the wheels –Spend time cleaning the wheels, rims, etc. Keep in mind the materials used for your wheels and use a soap or cleaner that will not leave residue or streaks behind.
  3. Don’t forget the dash! – Due to the electrical elements comprising the dash, it is essential to clean it carefully and use specific cleaners. Take your time, and clean around each part carefully.
  4. Give the engine some extra boost! – You not only want it to look good, it needs to sound great, too. After all, the judges will want to both hear and see it. You can be sure your bike sounds and runs at top performance with AMSOIL products available from local dealer Lifetime Oil. With specifically formulated oil, octane boost, lubricants, and other products, your bike can sound like new every time you start it. Then, once you have topped off all the fluids, use the proper engine cleaner and perhaps a degreaser to remove any buildup.
  5. Polish the body – Wipe it down, then use wax and polish to give it extra shine. As a bonus, wax and polish also make it difficult for dirt to stick to it.

Modifications that Get Attention

  1. Improve the windshield – Keep your bike cleaner and block some of the airflow. Having less airflow means you will be warmer when you ride and allows you to give your bike a custom look.
  2. Paint and wrap – Even if you have an older bike, a new paint job can give it new life. Choose paint colors that show off other details of the motorcycle or ones that reflect your personality, then get ready for attention. Not sold on a paint job? Get a custom wrap.
  3. Lights – From running lights to pencil beam driving lights, you not only make your bike more visible for riding, but you can have your unique style.
  4. Add engraving – Do you have a favorite quote or phrase? Have it engraved on the chrome of your bike.
  5. Wheels – Whether you only change one wheel or change them both, new wheels get attention. And with various wheel types to select from, you are sure to find something that suits your style.

If your goal is to win a trophy for showmanship, then there are steps you can take to help give you an extra boost. But keep in mind that placing at a bike sg=how is as much subjective as it is objective. Ask yourself why you are entering the bike show. If the goal is only to get the trophy, you may need to take additional steps and put in the extra work. If the goal is to have fun and meet other riders, then you will always win.  So what will it be? Fun or fame? Either way, be sure you are ready to have a great time.