We all know that our vehicle needs gasoline to go.  However, several other vital fluids make a big difference in the effectiveness of a car.  Without these essential items, you may find that your vehicle will not perform at its best– or at all.

The Essential Fluids for Optimum Vehicle Performance


Brake Fluid – Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that ensures your car stops. If the brake pedal feels soft or squishy, it may indicate your vehicle is low in brake fluid. Brake fluid can break down and cause fluid degradation, rusting, and build-up in the lines. Be proactive and check it each time you have the oil changed. In most cases, this is at least once every two years. You can make fewer changes and get top performance with brake fluids from AMSOIL.

Coolant – Used to regulate the temperature of your engine, check it at least twice a year. Most people do so at the beginning of summer and when temperatures get colder. Coolant needs to be changed every 2-3 years.

Windshield Wiper Fluid – Seeing clearly through the windows- especially in inclement weather- is a must. Keep the windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir and topping it off as needed. This ensures you can always see through the front window.

Motor Oil – That little oil can light on your dash isn’t just for aesthetics.  It is to remind you to change the oil, or that your oil pressure needs immediate attention.  Oil ensures your vehicle’s engine works correctly.  It also protects against components grinding against each other and prevents damage due to the engine’s heat.  Extend the periods between oil changes using synthetic oil from AMSOIL.

Transmission Fluid – Used to keep clutches, valves, gears, and other parts lubricated.  If the transmission fluid gets low, it can be challenging to drive.  This fluid shouldn’t need replacing until your vehicle has high miles.   However, checking and topping it off periodically is always a good idea.

You can get most of these vital fluids from your AMSOIL dealer, Lifetime Oil. You can purchase in bulk or just get what you need. But the important thing is that you do your part to keep your vehicle in top condition. These items make it easy to top off the various fluids when you see those warning lights on your dash.

Yes, some might say not all of these are ‘must-haves.’ But they are if you want to get the best from your car and be safe.  Anti-freeze, oil, and other fluids all play an essential part in the ‘health’ of your vehicle.  Leaving them out of your maintenance routine will have a drastic impact on your vehicle, as well as your lifestyle.  Keep these items on hand so you can add them to your vehicle when necessary.  Reach out to Lifetime Oil now to get the supplies you need.