Winter means snow, and snow means snowmobiles! If you’re eager to get your snowmobile out to start cruising through a winter wonderland, you may want to wait just a little bit.  First, follow the tips below, so your rides are both safe and fun.  It’s time to get your snowmobile ready for winter!

Refer to Your Owner’s Manual

There’s no better way to find out what your snowmobile needs to work perfectly than to go back and read your owner’s manual.  There, you’ll find specific information regarding your snowmobile, including its dos, its don’ts, and plenty more.  Re-acquaint yourself with your vehicle.  It’s been in storage for a long time.  Read your manual.

Clean It

Once again, your snowmobile has been in storage for the better part of a year.  Your snowmobile gathered dust and filth.  You covered it and stored it properly, but that doesn’t matter.  Clean it to keep those dirt particles from interfering with its performance.  Likewise, check around it (even in the exhaust pipe), to see if any animals made it their home.

Drain the Old Fuel

It is strongly advised that you use a fuel stabilizer in your snowmobile before you put it away.  However, if you didn’t go through with this recommendation, the fuel in the tank probably went bad, and now it needs to be drained out and replace. Do so to keep your snowmobile running as desired.  Additionally, inspect the whole fuel system to ensure it’s good to go.

Replace the Synthetic Snowmobile Oil

You should realize that your snowmobile is a complex and powerful machine.  Maintain it properly so it stays in good shape. Part of this is replacing its synthetic oil every so often to ensure the engine is lubricated and protected while you’re using it. If you don’t, it can wear down and malfunction. If your snowmobile is in need of new oil to continue performing good as new, trust in Lifetimeoil in East Bethel to provide the AMSOIL products it needs. Call (612) 819-8835 or visit the online store to place an order on the top performing synthetic snowmobile oil in East Bethel.

Mind the Other Fluids

As mentioned above, your snowmobile should get the necessary maintenance if you want it to provide the rides you want from it.  However, there are other fluids you should mind besides the synthetic oil.  Is your snowmobile ready for winter?  The coolant, chain case oil, injection oil, and brake fluid should also be in good condition for your snowmobile to work.

Inspect the Components

As stated above, your snowmobile is a complex vehicle. This means that it’s essentially the sum of a slew of different parts that come together to give you the fun, thrilling experiences you want from it. For that reason, if you want to continue having good times on your vehicle, check its components (such as the spark plug, filters, skies, shocks, clutch, belt, tracks, and more).

Take Your Riding Gear Out

A year can take a toll on anything, even if it wasn’t in used.  That’s why, before you head out to the snow, you should check your riding gear (goggles, helmet, gloves, etc.) to verify that it will provide the protection you need from it. As you know, you shouldn’t ride without it, in case you get into an accident.

Test Drive It

Before you get too excited on your snowmobile, know that it’s a good idea to test drive it in a safe place, especially since it’s been inert for quite some time. While riding, notice anything off with it and its performance. If you do notice something, have the issue fixed before you start riding as you normally would.

Take It to a Professional Mechanic

As a final tip, and even though you’ve been inspecting your snowmobile’s components on your own, you may want to drop by a professional mechanic so they can have a look at it, too.  They’ll evaluate the vehicle expertly and repair anything that needs repairing, so you can have safer and more enjoyable rides this winter season.  For sure, they’ll help get your snowmobile ready for winter months ahead.

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