To keep costs low, and vehicle life extended, proper dump truck maintenance is key for construction or clean-up companies.  Whether your company focuses solely on hauling jobs, or you rent dump trucks to construction companies, they have to work properly.

Sure, you can wait until there is an issue with a particular dump truck before correcting it. A better approach is to stay ahead of potential problems through preventative maintenance.  Use a program that helps you track each dump truck in your fleet.  Or use a ledger and a calendar to keep everything rolling right along.  Whatever approach you choose, the important thing is to keep your trucks on the job sites, not in your maintenance garage!

Dump Truck Maintenance Tips

Every truck may be slightly different.   Likewise, the maintenance schedule that works for some may not work for you.  However, the essential components are the same.  Just determine a system compatible with your needs and start making time for dump truck maintenance. In addition, while it may not be what one thinks of regarding truck maintenance, it is vital that you take the time to locate and read the owner’s manual(s) for the dump trucks comprising your fleet. This will give insight on what to pay special attention to.

Keep it clean –

Dump1It might be a dump truck, but it doesn’t have to look like trash! Make time each week to power wash the truck’s exterior to prevent gravel and debris from accumulating. A clean exterior will also make it easier to do a quick visual inspection of the truck.

The hydraulics –

An essential part of the dump truck is the hydraulics system. After all, they are a critical factor in the truck bed raising or lowering! Inspect the cables, coils, and pump for any weakening, damage, or cracks. Get these repaired or replaced, so you don’t arrive at the pick-up location or dump site and cannot move the bed the desired way.

Check the tires –

Your dump truck tires support a great deal of weight. Before heading off to a job, check the tire pressure, and inspect the tires for any wearing down, objects that may become embedded, or any other signs of damage.

Parked trucks –

If you are not going to be using a particular truck for some time, don’t just park it and forget about it. At least once a week, move the truck to a different location, so the wheels are turned. This will keep too much pressure from being in a single spot on the tires.

The Battery –

Dump trucks have more than one battery! For the battery under the hood, ensure it is fully charged, the terminals and cables are clean, and everything is connected correctly. The second battery is for the dumping mechanism. Be sure that it too is clean and charged. Some dump truck maintenance pros recommend hooking up to a trickle charge over the weekend, so it is ready to go come your work week. It should be noted that the dump battery is often located near the hydraulics system. If the dump battery is not fully charged, it can leak fluids on the hydraulics and wreak havoc with that system!

Check the engine–

If the motor isn’t working, it doesn’t matter how great the dump truck looks. Pay attention to how often the oil is changed, when the oil filter was replaced last, look for any leaks, and inspect the belts for signs of wear and tear. To get more from oil changes, contact your local LifeTime Oil company for quality synthetic oil, as well as filters, lubes, fluids, and other products.

Implementing a dump truck maintenance program is one of the best things you can do to keep your company up and running. So, don’t just think about it or wait until there’s a problem.  Start today with monitoring and inspecting each dump truck, so it is always ready to load up and move out!