The thrill of the racetrack is a high like no other. The sights, sounds, and smells all come together to energize and delight spectators of every age.  And while many people are familiar with speedways in Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Daytona, there are great tracks in other states, too.  For instance, Minnesota has several raceways that can be enjoyed by racing fans of every age- whether as a participant or an observer.  And each racetrack has something that makes it special.

5 Minnesota Racetracks Worth Visiting

Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, MN –

The DCS hosts theme nights, 100+ cars, a dirt track, and races taking place every weekend from April to the end of September. With so much happening this course is a great place to come out and experience the thrill of the race.

I-94 EMR Speedway, Fergus Falls, MN –

The roar of the crowd, the food, and the excitement of the race all work to make this a racing experience for the whole family.  And, if you want to get closer to the action, you can sign up for classes and learn how to drive like a pro.

Ogilvie Raceway, Ogilvie, MN –

With special events just for the kids, this is the place to go.  Plus, there are opportunities to learn more about boosting your car’s performance, modified action races, tractor racing, bikes, and more.  In fact, if it has wheels there’s a good chance it will be seen and raced here.  No matter your age or interest, for action-packed fun, Ogilvie is the place to be.

Princeton Speedway, Princeton, MN –

As a mecca for Wissota Mods you won’t want to miss a race here! But add in IMCA Sport compacts, Superstocks, and Micros, and you are sure to have fun!

Grove Creek Raceway, Grove Creek, MN –

This is the only 1/8-mile track in the upper mid-west to offer daytime and nighttime racing.  A weekend here means plenty of action for the whole family.  And if you have a budding racing fan who isn’t quite old enough to drive yet, but wants to take a lap, this is the place. Grove Creek has a special program where 13–16-year old’s can learn to race and try their skills safely, against their peers.  There is also a GCR JR Street racing league for children 5-17.  In the league, safety and racing skills are taught. But parents, don’t stress- the young drivers all have co-drivers as their teammates!


Enjoy the Races

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