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at the Annual Sno Barons Hay Days™
Powersports Show!

WELCOME to “The Official Start of Winter”!  Ready for some action-packed mud races?  Love the smell of 2-cycle?  Buying a new snowmobile, ATV or other toy?  We’re gonna have an AMAZINGLY dirty, raucous, and festive time at this EXTREME sporting show & event!
( See you in North Branch, MN! )

Lifetime Oil
Premium Quality Oil

As you watch 700 HP machines going down the track at over 140 MPH, think about your own engine!  Find our AMSOIL® tent & trailer, and pick up the BEST synthetic oil for your snowmobile, ATV, or other extreme-sports machine.  With the best synthetics on the market, you can be assured and reassured that your vehicle has the engine protection it needs.  At, we’re here for you!

Every engine is different!  And we know YOURS.  As you’re watching the snowmobile grass drags, the freestyle exhibitions, the mud bog racing and more, think of the extreme pressures and operating temperatures stressing those engines.  Lifetime Oil’s AMSOIL® products are a favorite choice for many of the drivers & riders you’ll see.  There’s a reason for that. 

Even if you’re a spectator rather than a contestant, you’re still a participant!  So give some thought to the care and maintenance of your own sporting vehicle.  Our synthetic oil products are notably and indisputably the best at protecting your snowmobile, ATV, motorbike and other equipment against engine wear and tear.  Lifetime Oil’s AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are “cheap insurance” against costly maintenance and repairs.  If it’s good enough for racing and extreme motorsports competitors, make it YOUR choice as well!

While you’re at the HayDays, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!  There is a ton of action every day, and we’re at the center of the action in the expo & vendor area.  We’re there whether the forecast calls for dirt, grass, or snow!  

Find our Trailer- You can’t miss it!  Learn more!  We’ve got a LifeTime of experience when it comes to keeping your engine in tip-top shape!  We’re in tune with snowmobilers, ATVers, bikers, and every other motor enthusiast you can imagine!   We know engines, and we know oil.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned motorsports rider or brand-new to the scene, come on by and get your questions answered on how our synthetic motor oils and lubricants will save you money!

Become a registered preferred customer and you’ll save on shipping!   We want to get to know youSo when you visit us at the Sno Barons Hay Days event, be sure to ask for Mylo.  That’s me!  I own LifeTimeOil, and I’m here for you.

Premium Quality Oil
Premium Quality Oil

Contact us for more information on AMSOIL products, for help determining which products you need, or to place an order.  You can also order online.

We’ll help you find your equipment-specific oils and lubricants.  And we’ll give you some pointers along the way to keep your extreme sports vehicle outdoors and in action, rather than in the shop!

We serve the following cities near North Branch, MN:

      • Forest Lake, MN.
      • East Bethel, MN.
      • Ham Lake, MN.
      • Andover, MN.
      • Lino Lakes, MN.
      • (And surrounding areas)
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