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Jefferson, WI, Auto Swap Meet & Madison Classics Car Show!

If you attend the Madison Classics Car Show and Auto Swap Meet, you’re in for a treat!  LifeTImeOil will be there to meet you!  Don’t miss saving on the best synthetics money can buy.  Visit our AMSOIL trailer and learn about our products, quality, and service to maximize your car’s performance and longevity.

Lifetime Oil
Premium Quality Oil

Don’t Neglect Your Baby!

As a classic car enthusiast, the Jefferson Auto Swap Meet & Car Show is a playground for you!  In addition to the muscle car eye candy, you’ll find the hard-to-find parts and accessories you’ve waited for.  Maybe you’ll even buy one of the 100’s of cars in the Cars for Sale Corral.  This event has it all!  

But don’t forget to treat your passion with a little TLC to keep it running smoothly and at peak performance!  That’s right, your collector/classic car needs some attention– and the right kind of attention.  You don’t want to invest in a gem of a car and then hamper its performance with conventional oil.  Only the best will do!  That’s where we come in as your independent authorized AMSOIL® dealer.  

Drop By and Make a Friend!

Long after you’re home after the event, we’re still here for you!  If you’ve never had your own vehicle concierge before, our service is an eye-opening experience.  We know engines.  And we know oil.  Once you visit our vendor trailer, we’ll know you as well!  

The combination of know-how, top-shelf service, and superior quality products is a winning combination.  And you’re the winner!  Invest a few minutes to register as a Preferred Customer with us, and we’ll save you significant money on AMSOIL products, shipping, and other benefits.

In addition, we’ll share tools to help you manage your preventive maintenance.  The MyAMSOILGarage app ensures you never forget an oil change.  And our product guides help you tailor vehicle maintenance with exactly the synthetic oils, lubricants and filters you need.

Premium Quality Oil
Premium Quality Oil

See You at the Madison Classics Car Show!

Your next step for LifeTIme Oil for your classic/collector/muscle car:

Contact us and let us know you’ll be there!  We’ll provide for more information on AMSOIL products, and we’ll have your products ready for you when you drop by.  You can also order online.

As your premier AMSOIL dealer at the Jefferson, WI, Madison Classics Car Show, serves the entire Jefferson community and surrounding areas, including:

  • Helenville, WI
  • Lake Mills, WI
  • Johnson Creek, WI
  • Fort Atkinson, WI
  • Cambridge, WI
  • and more.
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