Buying a used car can be tricky. For that reason, in this post we’ll share with you a few questions you should ask the dealer or seller of a vehicle you’re interested in. Hopefully, through these questions and their answers, you’ll make the right decision when buying a used car!

Buying a Used Car with Help from the Synthetic Oil Experts in Cambridge

Can My Mechanic Take a Look at It?

First things first: Don’t make a big financial commitment without checking it’s worth it.  For that reason, bring your own mechanic (someone you trust) to the table.  Have them look at the vehicle. You’ll learn more about the vehicle’s condition.  You’ll also be sure you don’t get scammed.  If the seller says your mechanic can’t inspect the vehicle, don’t buy that car.

Was It Properly Maintained?

It’s unlikely a dealer, seller, or previous vehicle owner gives a straight answer to the maintenance question.  However, it is still important to ask this question.  Take it a step further and ask to see the vehicle’s full maintenance history. Through it, you’ll find out more about how the vehicle was taken care of (or wasn’t).  You’ll also see what additional work was done and detect potential future problems. As you can imagine, this information could be a game changer, so don’t neglect this question.

Can I Take It for a Ride?

You may like how a vehicle looks, its paint job, its size, its style, and more. However, you may never know if this is the right vehicle for you until you hop on it and take it for a test drive. This can be a very telling experience, so don’t take “no” for an answer from the dealer.  While you’re test driving the vehicle, notice how smoothly you can steer it, notice any issues with its driveability, and decide if you feel comfortable in it.

Were the Oil Replacements Taken Care Of?

If the vehicle you’re interested in didn’t get regular synthetic oil changes as it should have, it’s likely that its engine isn’t in top shape and that its components are damaged. That’s why you should make it a point to learn more about the vehicle’s oil replacements. After all, the engine is one of its main components, and you don’t want to be stuck with a faulty vehicle and a fat repair bill. If you want to maintain the engine good as new for a longer period of time, know that Lifetimeoil in Cambridge can provide the most effective products for it. Contact them at (612) 819-8835 to acquire the best synthetic oil in Cambridge, or to learn more about a home-based business opportunity in Cambridge.  

Can I Run a Title Search?

Title searches can influence your decision-making process greatly. This is because they are filled with legal records, and crucial information about the vehicle. For that reason, we suggest that you work with a title services company to run a search on it and find out more about the vehicle (irregularities tied to it, debt, illegal activities, etc.). And, who knows, maybe you find information that could make or break the sale.

Who Was the Previous Owner?

While it may seem that this question will only deliver trivial information about the vehicle, it can impact your decision. For instance, you would think differently of the vehicle if it was owned by a lady who only drove it to church and back, than if it was from a band that toured all over the country with it. That information can tell you more about the vehicle and how it was treated.

How’s the Selling Process Going?

Finally, you should remember to ask about the vehicle’s selling process, as it can give you great insight on the deal as well. For instance, asking questions such as: why is it on sale, are there other people interested in it, how has it been on sale, can let you know where you stand. Moreover, if the car has been on sale for a long time, that may be a huge red flag!

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