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There is no better time to have a perfectly functioning car then under the summer heat. Who wants to be left stranded and sweating under the blasting sun? Here is some advice on how to keep your vehicle on top shape during the summer.

Keep the Pressure On

As the temperature rises your tires...
In order for your car to have power to run, the engine needs to combine air and gasoline. The air comes in through an air filter which keeps dirt, bugs, and other contaminants from damaging the engine. Over time, the air filter may get clogged and your car’s performance will be affected. You...
Saving money while keeping your car in the best possible shape is completely possible. There are many tricks to help you lower your car’s fuel intake. Lifetimeoil in Isanti is happy to let you in on some of this fuel saving tips.

Slow it Down

Driving according to the speed limit will not only...
We know that oil is like blood to an engine. It’s imperative for a functioning vehicle. Some of us know it’s necessary, but don’t know exactly why. We know the benefits of dutifully taking our car for a synthetic oil change in Isanti ever so often. Do you know why we do it, though? Lifetimeoil in...
Defensive driving is when you are able you protect and defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad or drunk drivers, or poor weather. Defensive driving goes beyond the lessons you learn in driving school. In this post, Lifetimeoil in Isanti will tell you a few tips you should know...
If you want your vehicle to remain a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly and performs perfectly, you should ensure that it is well-oiled. This means that you should be keeping up with the crucial maintenance task of replacing its synthetic oil whenever it needs it (for instance, when the "check...
Your car’s dashboard can tell you so much about what’s going on with your vehicle. It’s important to know what those warning lights actually mean. This could save you form a breakdown and a very expensive repair bill. So read on to know more about what the warning lights may be telling you.


How involved are you in your motorcycle maintenance? Are you one of those people that immediately takes their bike to a mechanic, or do you do some of the fixings yourself? There are some maintenance tasks that are easy to do at home and can save you a lot of the expenses of a mechanic. This...
Taking care of your engine is something you should take seriously. For a few tips on how you can do just that in an expert manner, continue reading.

How to Care for Your Engine with Synthetic Oil in East Bethel

Replace its Oil when Needed

A worn down, damaged engine can be the result of...
Buying a used vehicle can be tricky. For that reason, in this post we'll share with you a few questions you should ask the dealer or seller of a vehicle you're interested in. Hopefully, through these questions and their answers, you'll be able to make the right decision!

How to Buy a Used Car...


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